How You Can Swim The English Channel – Podcast with Chloe McCardel

How You Can Swim The English Channel Swimming with Chloe McCardel

Our guest for this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast is someone we’ve had twice before – Chloe McCardel. She’s now opened relay and individual Channel slots for 2016. You can find her details at the bottom of this article to apply to a 2016 position. 00:48 – England to Melbourne 02:04 – 4 Buoys & A […]

How To Win A Double Ultra Triathlon with Rait Ratasepp

How To Win A Double Ironman Event with Rait Ratasepp

Today’s guest is Rait Ratasepp. Rait is a member of Swimprove – our online swim coaching community. He just completed the Double Ultra World Cup in Hungary and won in convincing style. It’s a double ironman distance triathlon. In this podcast, we cover his training, the things he focused on for his swim and some of […]

The Zen Of Swimming with Jon Muller

The Zen of Swimming by Jon Muller

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I interview a friend of mine, Jon Muller. Jon is an author from Wellington, New Zealand and been following some of our swimming workouts and technique programs. In the last couple of weeks, he finished writing a book about swimming which describes swimming in a way that […]

How To Get Started In English Channel Swimming with Chloe McCardel

How To Get Started In English Channel Swimming with Chloe McCardel

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Chloe McCardel. She is a 6x solo English Channel swimmer. We talk about how to get started in channel swimming and how you can be part of a relay team in 2015. 01:25 – How do you help people with channel swimming? 02:00 – It […]

How To Unlock Extra Speed Using Your Mind with Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson Elite Swimmer

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I am talking to Julie Robinson. She was an elite level swimmer and today we will talk about mind training for swimming and how it fits into the swimming puzzle. Julie is a clinical hypnotherapist and a neuro-linguistic programmer. She has worked with a number of swimmers […]

Why Carb Loading Is B.S with Steph Lowe

The Natural Nutritionist

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, my guest for the third time is Steph Lowe – The Natural Nutritionist. We talk about: 00:40 – The Start of My Baking Career 00:52 – What is Gluten-free? 01:06 – The Real Food Movement 02:20 – It’s a lifestyle. Not a fad. 02:53 – Nutrition is […]

The One About Yoga and Mindset with Mark Breadner


In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is Mark Breadner. Mark has done a lot of work with the Australian team in relation to some strength and conditioning work, some mindset training. Mark is going to talk about that and how you can implement it into your own swimming and triathlon training […]

Performance Pacing with Wayne Goldsmith

Ultra Short Race Pace Training with Wayne Goldsmith

Wayne Goldsmith is a thought leader in the swimming coaching community. We talk about Ultra Short Race Pace Training (developed by Brent Rushall) which is starting to become a more widely used training method. I came across an article about a young swimmer in the US called Michael Andrew who is breaking age group records […]

The One About Swimming Holidays with Aaron Davis

The Great Ocean Adventure

In this podcast, my guest is Aaron Davis from Venture. Aaron runs an adventure travel company . He is the one running the behind the scenes logistics for The Great Ocean Road Trip in February 2014. The reason why I am running this trip with Aaron is because I want to be able to focus […]

The One About Swimming In Ironman (with John and Bevan from IMTalk)


John and Bevan are the legendary and very entertaining Kiwi’s from the IM Talk podcast. Listen in as the boys share the things they’ve learned from 7 years of being deep in the trenches of ironman and triathlon. 01:10 – The Ugly Duckling 01:33 – 7 Years of Solid IMTalk podcast 03:49 – Consistency is […]

The One About Going Natural (with Renee Trost)

Naturopath Renee Trost

Renee Trost is a Naturopath in Melbourne. Renee has a background in field hockey. She was an Australian team member for a number of years. She played in World Cups, World Championships, the Champions Trophy and was also in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. In this podcast we discuss strategies on how to feel better […]

The One About Run Mechanics For Swimmers (with Olympic Run Coach Bobby McGee)

Bobby McGee

“He runs like a swimmer”. Yep, we swimmers have a look about us when we’re running that makes us look like ‘fish out of water’. This podcast is all about how a legendary run coach is changing that. Bobby McGee, 5x Olympic run coach joins me on this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast. This […]

The One About Fixing Swimming Injuries (with Helen Walker)


Helen Walker is a physiotherapist at Physio4Athletes and has worked on Australian Swim Teams. Helen has been doing musculoskeletal screenings with a number of my swimmers. It tests flexibility and strength in the parts of the body which are important for swimming. I recommend all swimmers have this done to help prevent injury and improve your […]

The One About Getting Lean (with Andy Anderson of Ultimate You)

Andy Anderson

Welcome to another episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast. In this episode I chat with a good friend of mine, Andy Anderson. Andy Anderson is the CEO of Ultimate You which is a gym here in Southbank, Melbourne. He is also the editor of Ultimate You Magazine. He is a strength and conditioning coach and […]

The One About Swimming Easy (with John Konrads)

Swim Easy with John KonradsS

John Konrads holds 26 individual world records and won the 1500 m freestyle in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. He now coaches up in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. One of his mantras is “swim easy”. In this podcast episode I will talk to John and see how we can prove how swimming […]

#21 Why I Swapped Weet Bix for Bacon & Eggs (with The Natural Nutritionist Steph Lowe)

Diet for swimmers

We’re back for round two for the second podcast with my favourite nutritionist, Steph Lowe of Today we’re talking about the two big misconceptions about food. I’ve made some changes to what I eat lately based on misinformation I learnt when I was in school. Let’s get into it. Brenton Ford:     Welcome to […]

#20 The One About Running (with Bobby McGee)

Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee has 31 years of coaching experience. He started intensely coaching triathletes in 2002. He has coached the Olympic champion in Atlanta in a marathon. He also coached some age group race walkers, some amateur race walkers to world titles and then the last decade has been full on with the triathletes. Watch some […]

#19 The One About Training Smarter (with Jeff Booher from TriDot)

Jeff Booher

Jeff Booher is a triathlon coach who specialises in custom designed training programs. He works with all levels of triathletes from age groupers to professionals. He also leads a coaching team of 15 Tridot certified coaches who work with hundreds of athletes all over the world. —- Free offer for Effortless Swimming listeners —- In […]

#18 The One About Raising Champion Swimmers (with Gary Barclay)

The Swimming Expert

Gary Barclay of is the author of Swimming for Parents – a book about how to best support your child in swimming. In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast Gary will talk about how to raise a champion swimmer. Brenton Ford:    Welcome to another episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast. Today’s guest is […]

#17 The One About High Performance Nutrition (with Steph Lowe)

Steph Lowe: The Natural Nutritionist

Steph Lowe is a Nutritionist, a tri-athlete training for the Hawaiian Half Ironman, she is about to complete her master’s degree in nutrition and she specialises in sports nutrition using natural food and ingredients. In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, Steph will talk about high performance nutrition for swimmers. Brenton Ford:    Welcome to […]

#16 The One About Becoming Triathlon World Champion (with Russell Smith)

Swimming podcast with Russell Smith

Russell Smith is the current age group triathlon world champion in Olympic distance & Asia Pacific age group champion in Ironman.  He has been using the Effortless Swimming Workouts as part of his training program.  In this podcast, he will talk about how he is using the Effortless Swimming Workouts to succeed in triathlon. Download […]

#15 Why Usain Bolt Travels With a Chiropractor (featuring Koe Davidson)

Koe Davidson

On this episode of Effortless Swimming podcast, I have Koe Davidson who is a swimmer with me at PowerPoints and he is also a chiropractor. I have been seeing Koe for the last couple of weeks about a sore back, but going in to get that treated I have had a lot more come out […]

#14 The One About Epic Races (with Trent Grimsey)


Trent Grimsey is an open water swimmer, he is an Australian team member and most notably he has recently broken the English Channel world record. He went 6 hours 55 minutes, breaking the old record by 2 minutes and 50 seconds. We chat to Trent about the Channel swim but also his training, technique and how he avoids injury doing so many km’s in the pool.

#13 Fixing Injured Shoulders (with Luke Van Every)

Luke-Van-Every-The Shoulder-Guy

Swimmers clock up 1,000’s of laps in the pool every year. Our shoulders cop a lot of the brunt of this. Luke Van Every is known as ‘The Shoulder Guy’. He’s a physio from Queensland, Australia. In this podcast I ask Luke about: Common swimming shoulder injuries How to avoid and treat shoulder injuries Do’s […]

#12 The One About Improving Performance (with Wayne Goldsmith)

Wayne goldsmith

When it comes down it, sport is more than just a physical battle. Five minutes of speaking with performance consultant Wayne Goldsmith and you get a sense of just how important the mental side of it is. Wayne’s worked with dozen sports bodies and clubs from all over world. In this interview you’ll discover

#11 The One About Smooth Swimming (with Paul Newsome from SwimSmooth)


Paul Newsome is a knowledgeable swim coach who has: won the British University championship in triathlon; swam the English Channel and coached and worked with Olympic swimmers and triathletes

#10 How To Win In Open Water (with Australian Open Water swimmer Sam Sheppard)

sam sheppard

Sam Sheppard is one of Australia’s best open water competitors. Whether it’s 1km or 10km, Sam is a fierce racer and a smart swimmer. In this interview we cover

#9 The One About Preparation (with Australian team swimmer Sam Ashby)

sam ashby

Months of hard work go towards one big race. Long hours in the pool, thousands of kilometers and tens of thousands of arm strokes…all for a few minutes of racing.

In this episode we talk with Sam Ashby (who features in the Mastering Freestyle program) about what do 3 weeks out from a big meet. He talks about the stages of tapering (tapering is where you reduce the intensity of your training leading up to competition). We talk about warming up on the day of your race and what a good routine consists of

#8 The English Channel Episode (with Chloe McCardel)


Being the second female and second Australian to complete a double crossing of the English Channel, Chloe McCardel is one of Australia’s best marathon swimmers. She’s won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island race and is now gearing up for a triple-crossing of the English Channel

#7 The One About Injuries (With Australian Swim Team Physio Justin McEvoy)

Justin McEvoy Physio Health

Download the transcript As you train more often you realise that injuries are common if you don’t do something to prevent them. Sports physio Justin McEvoy has been away with the Australian swim team treating elite swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Phelps, Roland Schoeman plus dozens of other high profile athletes. In this […]

#6 The Comeback Episode (with Olympic gold medallist Michael Klim)

Michael Klim

Wowza, what an episode! We managed to pry former world record holder and Olympic champion Michael Klim away from his busy schedule for an insight into his comeback. After a number of years out of the pool Michael decided to pull on the speedo’s for another crack at the Olympics, training for the 2012 London Olympic Games

#5 Short Course Racing (with world record holder Peter Marshall)

Peter Marshall

Our first US guest is a current world record holder and backstroke champion. Peter Marshall reveals how he broke three world records in backstroke. Like a lot of age group swimmers, Peter started out doing lots of miles in the pool. He was a distance swimmer in his early years but converted to a sprinter after making some changes to his training. In the podcast he chats about what changed in his program and how his gym workouts shifted focus. We cover race routines, psychology and developing power in the water

#4 Sprinting Power (with Olympic medallist Andrew Lauterstein)

Andrew Lauterstein

Download the transcript In this episode we look inside the mindset and training regime of top level sprinters. Our guest, Olympic butterflyer and freestyler Andrew Lauterstein talks about: The feeling of being in an Olympic final, the pressure and nerves before a race and he breaks down his 100m butterfly final in the 2008 Beijing […]

#3 – Open Water Domination (with Oliver Wilkinson)


We take a look into the world of marathon swimming. What motivates distance swimmers to do the huge miles week in week out? How do they prepare for big races? We talk with the 45km Manhattan Island swim world record holder, Oliver Wilkinson about:

Training for distance events and the number of kilometers he does weekly leading up to a big race
What he eats the night before to ‘carb load’ and how he refuels during a race
Finding the right stroke rhythm quickly
Which aspects of his technique he focuses on in training
How hard he works his kick in long distance swims
Dealing with the mental challenges in cold water and endurance races
Ollie has trained with my squad in Melbourne for over 12 months and has recently moved backed to England. He has completed the English Channel and has placed in numerous long distance open water races such as the Rottnest Island swim in Western Australia. You can keep up to date with what Ollie is up to at his blog.

Tell us the hardest training set you’ve in the comments section below!

#2 Improving Your Technique (with Terry Laughlin from Total Immersion)

Terry Laughlin

Download the transcript We chat with Terry Laughlin from Total Immersion. Terry  has developed a method of improving your swimming that has helped hundreds of thousands of swimmers and triathletes worldwide to swim smoother. He’s an expert at helping people fix the weaknesses in their stroke so they can move naturally through the water with […]

#1 How to have more energy at the end of a race (featuring Olympian Ash Delaney)

Ashley Delaney

 Download the transcript of this podcast Welcome to the Effortless Swimming podcast! In the first episode we chat with Olympic backstroker Ashley Delaney. He reveals: How he got started in swimming by accident The one thing he changed in his diet to drop two kilos in weight and start swimming faster times in training Small […]

Triathlon Turbo Charge with Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan of the Rockstar Triathlete Academy


If you haven’t heard of Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan yet, you soon will. These two guys are making waves in the triathlon community with their Rockstar triathlon academy – a closed-door triathlon training and mentoring program set up specifically to help triathletes drop their times in all three legs of their race using a […]

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