Advanced Freestyle Clinics

The advanced freestyle clinic is the next progression for athletes who have attended one of our stroke correction clinics. Once you’ve improved your technique and you’re swimming faster, one of the biggest challenges you can then face as a triathlete and open water swimmer is converting that pool speed to the open water. The Effortless Swimming advanced freestyle clinic will help you become a better racer in your triathlon and open water swims.

Going from the pool to the open water can feel very different. It can take you out of your comfort zone. Being relaxed, confident and a skilled swimmer in open water is how you will increase your speed and effectiveness when competing. These clinics are designed specifically to help you do that. In the controlled environment of a pool, we’ll teach you all of the necessary skills to be a confident and strong ocean swimmer.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover stroke rate training and how it can improve your speed without increasing your effort
  • The difference between swimming in a pool compared to open water and how adjust your stroke to suit any conditions
  • Importance of efficient navigation and sighting to keep on course and never lose your rhythm
  • Strategies of the pro’s for deep water starts, pack swimming, positioning, drafting and keeping relaxed in these environments
  • How to build swim specific strength with toys and drills to save your legs for the bike and run

How You Will Benefit:

  1. Translate your swim speed from the pool to the open water
  2. Conserve your energy by finding your rhythm and tempo in a race (no matter how choppy the conditions)
  3. Have the confidence and skills to race well in large groups and difficult conditions
  4. Maintain your technique and stay on course by avoiding the four common mistakes most swimmers make when swimming in the open water

Clinic prerequisites:

Swim 400m under 8 minutes
Attended an Effortless Swimming freestyle clinic



How many spots are available?

Each clinic has two coaches and is capped at a maximum of 10 swimmers

You’ll be taken directly to a payment page when booking

– 2-5pm at Huntingtower School, Glen Waverley – April 1st, 2017 Click here to book

What you’ll need to bring:

– Warm jacket or jumper
– 2x Towels
– Fins/flippers (we recommend DMC Training Fins)
– Pull Buoy
– Paddles (we recommend Engine Swim Paddles in small or medium size)
– Bathers
– Goggles
– Drink Bottle
– Snack/Food (optional)

If you have any questions please call us on 1300755088 or email us here.