Author: Brenton

How to Dominate at Swimming – 5 Butt-Kicking Tips To Becoming A Fast Swimmer

Most of us are taught that to become a better swimmer we must train harder and train for longer. This was true 20 years ago when not a great deal was understood about how we move in the water. The reality is swimmers of all abilities (especially beginners) need to focus on the correct technique […]

The Shortcut To Swimming Faster I Stole From Any Olympic Medallist

There is one swimming drill which will dramatically improve your technique, power and feel for the water if you practice it prior to a race or competition. This drill easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes each session. In this article, I’m going to explain to you how best to perform it […]

Breathing in Freestyle: How To Stop Choking On Water

Swimming can be a difficult sport to learn if you’ve never been taught the very basics. One of the biggest issues most beginners face is breathing in the freestyle stroke. Even for veterans of the sport, breathing can be a nightmare if you don’t know the correct technique and method for easy and effortless breathing […]

Swimming Kick: How To Increase Your Kicking Power by 200%

As a coach of both elite and amateur swimmers, it is apparent that one of the biggest issues facing adult swimmers is the ability to generate power from their kick. There is a noticeable difference between those swimmers who were taught correctly as a kid or teenager, and those which have never been shown the […]

How To Swim Butterfly With ‘Phelps-Like’ Speed…

Last night at training during a set of 4x25m of butterfly at max effort, I was called aside by my coach. He’d noticed that my ‘sprint’ butterfly looked more a 400m butterfly. What could it possibly be that my sprint butterfly was missing?

How to flip turn (and avoid the biggest error most swimmers make)

It’s difficult trying to figure out how to flip turn on your own. Most people who begin swimming as an adult will never learn the correct way to flip turn simply because they never get taught. They go through trial and error but never seem to be able to ‘nail’ the freestyle turn correctly. There […]