Author: Brenton Ford

LAST OUT OF THE WATER? Reach Middle Of The Pack In 14 Months. Here’s how…

Edmund joined our online stroke analysis coaching last year with a goal to swim faster and place better in his open water swims. Over the past 14+ months, he’s gone from being last out of the water to a mid-pack swimmer. Transcription: Hey, Brenton here. In today’s video, I want to show you someone who […]

This Athlete Could Be Swimming 10 Seconds Faster Per 100m

In this week’s episode, we look at a swimmer with a smooth stroke who doing a lot right. There’s still room for him to improve by changing his head position, alignment when breathing and developing a more effective catch and pull. Transcription: … too fast. So what we tend to see there when someone goes […]

Why It’s Better To ‘Elevate’ Your Wrist

To increase the surface that you’re pressing back with and help you with your catch and pull…you might want to consider ‘elevating’ your wrist. Transcription: Rather than trying to have that effort come from the hand, or feel like the feel for the water is coming from the hand there, aim for it to be […]

Why Your Arms Feel Like They Are Doing All The Work

In this episode of Feedback Friday, we look at a swimmer who could change the following things in her stroke: – Avoid a crossover when entering and reaching forwards – Avoid ‘putting the brakes on’ – Go deeper in the catch and pull (on some strokes so she isn’t really shallow wasting energy pulling herself […]