Author: Brenton Ford

Keep Your Head Here To Stop Your Legs From Splaying | Swimming Tip | Alignment

This swimmer can work on: – Keeping the head centered when he breathes (it moves off to the side) – Narrower kick on his breathing stroke – Keep the lead hand in motion and avoid a complete stop of the right hand. Doggy Scoop drill is good for this. – Less reach on his right […]

How A 2:15/100m Swimmer COULD Go Under 2-mins

Are you stuck at a pace slower than 2:00/100m? In this video, you’ll see some common things that cause that to happen, and how you can change your stroke to finally break the 2:00/100m barrier. Transcription: If you are new to the sport and you’re willing to dedicate the time, you can absolutely become a […]

Look Forwards At 45° Triathlon Swimming Tip

Is it okay to look forward? Not directly forwards, but a few meters in front? For triathlon and open water swimming, it can be helpful for maintaining your awareness about what’s around AND it can help with posture and position in the water. Transcription: And often there are so many different ways to describe the […]

A Different Approach To Technique For Triathletes Stuck In Their Swimming With Eney Jones

Eney Jones is coming back for the third time to share what she has been working with recently and about trying a different approach for triathletes who needs help with their swimming. 01:31 Origin Of Phrases That Swim Coaches Have Used 08:26 Core Connection 10:18 Working With Triathletes 12:43 The Mental Aspect 13:41 Aloha! 15:54 […]

You Can Swim Without Getting Tired…Now What?

In this video, we analyze a swimmer with good balance, rhythm, and style. What can he change in his technique to swim faster? 1. Reduce upper body rotation on his breathing strokes 2. Avoid the fingers rising to the surface after entry 3. Increase stroke rate by 5-10% 4. Avoid hands drifting outwards during the […]