Author: Brenton Ford

Hijack Your Breathing, Control Your Emotions And Increase Your Performance With Darren Stojanovic

Our guest in today’s episode is Darren Stojanovic from Dynamic Stability. He is a physiotherapist but he is also doing a lot of work in breathwork. In this episode, Darren and I will be talking about different breathing techniques which can help you control your emotion and help you improve your performance. 3:01 Learning About […]

This Is What Happens You OVER-REACH and OVER-ROTATE

Aren’t you meant to reach forwards and rotate in freestyle? Yes, but you CAN go too far with both of those things. This swimmer can REDUCE his rotation and reach LESS to swim faster. Take a look at why that is in today’s Feedback Friday analysis. Transcription: What I’d encourage this swimmer to do, because […]

High-Level Biomechanics For Weekend Warriors with Ryan Hodierne

Ryan Hodierne is the Biomechanist for NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport). He has worked with a lot of high-level swimmers including Cate and Bronte Campbell, and we talk about how everyday swimmers can use high-level biomechanics to improve their swimming. 01:06 Thoughts about Sensarii 02:31 Simplifying Data To Make It Useful 05:02 Communicating […]

Rotate To THIS Angle, Fix Your CATCH

The swimmer we’re looking at today competes in triathlon and currently races at 1:38/100m. We look at the following things in his stroke: – Head position (too deep at times) -Shoulders over-rotating causing his arm to go deep and elbow to drop -Left hand entering close to the head, needs to go further forwards Transcription: […]

How Much Should Your Knees Bend In Freestyle Kick

Transcription: Let’s say you got to a hundred degrees with your knee bend. The increasing drag that you get on your leg there isn’t… The amount of force that you’ll get from that extra knee bend isn’t going to be greater than the amount of drag that gets created because of it. So… Hey, Brenton […]