Author: Brenton Ford

How To Stop Wasting Time And Be More Effective With Your Training With Andre Obradovic

Andre Obradovic joins us again in this episode as we talk about how to stop wasting your time and being more effective in your training. 00:53 Background on Being Productive03:14 Structural Schedule04:52 Today’s Plan Scheduling App09:37 Factoring The Appointments16:08 Sticking To It17:08 Getting Back On Track18:37 “I Can’t Do That, I Am Spontaneous”19:02 Spontaneity26:18 Being […]

Why It Pays Off To Follow The Process With Taren Gesell

Why It Pays Off To Follow The Process With Taren Gesell Our guest today is Taren Gesell of the YouTube Channel Triathlon Taren whom we had two analysis videos. The video analysis was six months apart and over that time he really made some impressive improvements and continues to get better. 01:07 How Taren started […]

From 1:50/100m to 1:30/100m Pace with Jason Key

In todays episode we have Jason Key who is an age group triathlete based out of Texas. Jason shares his journey towards achieving his 1:30/100m mark. 00:56 How Jason started with Effortless Swimming. 02:01 Jason’s focus as an athlete. 04:54 Time Trial Average pace. 05:58 Flexibility. 10:21 Next Stage of Improvement. 11:55 2 Beat. 4-Beat […]

2-Beat, 4-Beat or 6-Beat Kick?

Which type of kick should you use? A 2-beat kick, 4-beat kick or 6-beat? In this video, we’ll show you what type of kick pattern could help your speed and efficiency in freestyle. Transcription: Welcome back to the Effortless Swimming YouTube channel. In today’s episode, we’re looking at a two-beat versus four-beat versus six-beat kick. […]

The Road To NZ 10km National Championship with Solomon Wright

We welcome back Solomon Wright who recently won the New Zealand 10km Open Water Championship. In this episode, Solomon talks about his training leading up to the National Championship and how he recovered from shoulder injury. We also added a before and after video of Solomon comparing his stroke now and 12 months ago. 02:53 […]