[Case Study] 2:00/100m to 1:20/100m with Scott Harpham

In today’s episode, I wanted to get Scott Harpham from New Zealand to share his swimming improvements over the last couple of years. We talked about going back to fundamentals, consistency, and more. 00:53 Swimming Background 03:08 Starting Training 06:04 Finding Effortless Swimming 08:05 8 Week Faster Freestyle Course 09;23 Seeing A Big Difference 13:11 […]

“Do Less”

One of my favourite movie scene is the surfing scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where Paul Rudd is teaching Jason Segel how stand up on a surfboard. Some of the advice can actually be taken into the pool to improve your swimming.

Unusual Ways To Swim Faster with Eney Jones

So excited to have Eney Jones back again as our guest in today’s podcast episode. Eney is an open-water swim champion and a former triathlete. In this episode, we’ll talk about coaching, drills, split tempo, and ways to swim faster. 01:22 Online Analysis 05:43 Power Phase – Power Diamond 07:18  Your Catch Is Dependent On […]

The Bottleneck To Good Technique

If you don’t coordinate your breathing and catch…your entire stroke can be impacted. That’s why your breathing timing is the bottleneck to good technique for many swimmers we work with.