Author: Brenton Ford

Freestyle Swimming: How To Swim A Smooth 1:10 100m Freestyle

A few months ago we posted a video of Olympian Dan Smith swimming a very comfortable 1:10/100m freestyle. In this video, I’ll break down Dan’s technique and show you how he’s able to swim so fast while looking like he’s not trying! Transcription: A couple of months ago, we made a video titled Is This […]

From Drug Addiction To Olympian (And Why Your Character Means More Than Your Results) With Dan Smith

Dan Smith joins us in this episode as he talks about his swimming, drug addiction,building character and his road to redemption. 01:28 Swimming Life As A Youngster 03:41 Burnt Out At The Age Of 14 04:46 It Was More Of An Escape For Me 05:44 What Would I Pass On To My Kids 08:38 I […]

[CASE STUDY] Triathlete Goes From 2:20 to 1:40/100m Pace In 2 Years

We recently had triathlete Stephen Jackson on the podcast to share how he was able to improve by almost 40 seconds per 100m in 2 years. Transcription: Over the course of the next six to 12 months, I can see him getting it down to somewhere in the 130 range. Whether it’s 130s, 135s, that […]

How To Develop Your Character Through Swimming (And What It’s Like Being Ian Thorpe’s Training Partner) with Jason Cram

Joining us in this episode is Jason Cram who is a Commonwealth Gold Medalist, diving instructor, and superyacht crew member. 00:43 Jason’s Background 03:51 Dealing With Missing Out On Olympics 07:15 Being Comfortable With The New You 09:04 Without Swimming, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Grow Into The Person That I Am Now” 09:49 Planting […]

Why A High Elbow Catch Is Difficult On Your Breathing Side

Do you feel like you have no catch when you breathe? It could be because you’re doing THIS in your stroke… Transcription: More importantly, it’s going to help you get a much better catch. If you feel like you rotate too far through your upper body when you do breathe, then a couple of things […]

Don’t Put Heart Rate Before Heart with Wayne Goldsmith

We sit down with Wayne Goldsmith as he talks about putting emphasis on soft skills when coaching. 01:50 Working On Soft Skills 02:44 It Comes Down To The Way They Do What They Do 03:58 Vibe And Connection Among People 05:23 Building A Team Culture 07:10 What Does Your Values Look Like? 09:00 Identifying The […]