Author: Brenton Ford

Use Your Hip Rotation To Save Your Arms And Legs

In middle to long-distance swimming, your hip rotation should be somewhat controlled (instead of fast and snappy). A swimmer at our clinic referred to this as ‘hydraulic’ hip rotation. This helps take some of the effort off the arms and legs to provide propulsion by helping everything work together. We’ll show you how to develop […]

7 Workouts Mistakes Causing You To Plateau In Your Swim Speed

There’s seven common workout mistakes that cause you to plateau in your speed and stop improving. Let’s look at what you can do to avoid them and to continue getting fitter and faster. Transcription: Hi, Brenton here. In today’s video, I want to share some common workout mistakes that people will make that cause them […]

Two Technique Changes YOU NEED TO KNOW To Swim Faster 50’s and 100’s

We had a swimmer attend a clinic recently with great technique that we couldn’t fault, but for her 50m and 100m events she wanted to get faster. There were two things we got her to experiment with to help her swim faster in these events. A deeper catch and higher hand recovery. These two things […]