Author: Brenton Ford

Swim Coach Analyzes Actors Swimming In Hollywood Films

Transcription: All right. We’re currently on lockdown, so I’ve got a little helper with me and what are we going to watch today Sammy? Swimming. Some swimming videos. So we’re going to look at some movies, some TV shows that may not show swimming in the best possible way where we’ll have a look at […]

10 Things To Do While Your Pool Is Closed

1. Cold Showers Aubrey Marcus Cold Shower Technique 2. Stretch Cords / Therabands FINIS Resistance Band 3. Improve Mobility Q Swim App 4. Visualise See videos at 11:51 5. Yoga Swim-Specific Yoga routines 6. Try Something New 7. Breath Training 8. Study Feedback Friday Playlist 9. Improve Your Diet 10. Rest Transcription: Hey Brenton here, […]

Swim 10% Further Each Stroke | Freestyle Pull Tip

During video analysis we often find swimmers exiting the water very far away from their hip. By fixing the last part of your stroke to have more of an in-sweep, you can reduce your stroke count by 10% if you’re finishing wide. Transcription: How can you bring your stroke count down by 10%? Watch this […]