Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke Stroke Correction Clinics

What is it?

Small group, highly focused stroke correction clinics for kids and teenagers on butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. Each swimmer has underwater filming and video analysis at the beginning of the clinic, followed by a pool session working through specific drills and exercises to help correct their stroke. With a small group size of six swimmers per clinic, each swimmer is given tailored feedback and advice throughout the clinic. All clinics are run by Effortless Swimming coaches who have competed at or coached at a National or International level and have experience coaching all levels of swimmers.

The Transition From Athlete to Coach with Sam Ashby

Who’s it for?

Swimmers 9-16 years of age* who are looking to improve their technique in a small class size with regular feedback.

*Swimmers must be able to swim 50m of each stroke

What they’ll learn during the clinic:

  • The key fundamentals of each stroke giving the swimmer a better understanding of how the stroke works and where speeds comes from
  • Comprehensive video analysis above and below the water for all three strokes which is recorded and emailed to you after the clinic
  • Finding the natural rhythm and timing of the stroke for better efficiency and pacing
  • How to develop feel for the water and why most swimmers miss the ‘elusive’ catch
  • Building a rock solid kick for maximum propulsion
  • How to implement and maintain their new stroke changes into daily training


$120 per clinic (includes a copy of their underwater filming and recorded video analysis)

How many spots are available?

Each clinic is capped at a maximum of 6 swimmers

Locations and dates:

Is your city not listed above? Let us know where you’d like us to visit next.

Starts and Turns

What is it?
Small group, highly focused skill correction clinic for kids and teenagers on dives and turns. Each swimmer will be filmed and have video analysis throughout the session (which is provided to parents afterwards), followed by a pool session working through specific exercises to help correct their dive starts and turns.
This dive and turn clinic will go through dive starts (track start), tumble turns (free and backstroke) and touch turns (breaststroke and butterfly). Please note backstroke starts and medley turns will not be covered.
With a small group size of six swimmers per clinic, each swimmer is given tailored feedback and advice throughout the clinic. This clinic is run by Australian representative, Commonwealth recorder holder and Effortless Swimming coach Mitchell Patterson.

Clinic covers:
• The key fundamentals for an explosive dive start and how to maintain your speed off the blocks into your first six strokes
• Comprehensive video analysis of your dive start and turns to give you better understanding of how to improve them (which is recorded and emailed to you after the clinic)
• Finding the right number of kicks off the wall to keep speed and momentum into the break out.
• How to position your head, hips, feet and arms during the start to get off the blocks quickly
• Keeping a narrow and tight tuck position in your turns to minimize drag for maximum speed
• How to implement and maintain their new skills into daily training

Class Duration:

3 hours


$200 per clinic (includes a copy of their underwater filming and recorded video analysis)

How many spots are available?

Each clinic is capped at a maximum of 6 swimmers

Locations and dates:


“We were very impressed with how Mitch went through the sessions, talking to each child in ways they were able to understand. Because of his input on the techniques and things to focus on, in each of the sessions we could see the improvements within the short time they performed the drills. Our children both learned so much, and really enjoyed the sessions, and they wanted to really thank Mitch for his input to them.” John,Sydney

“My daughter attended the clinic on the Gold Coast yesterday. Both guys were absolutely delightful, professional, knowledgeable and great instructors. Both are clearly passionate about what they do as demonstrated by their ongoing conversation about techniques even in their lunch break. A fabulous experience for our daughter, thank you.” Anne Ellwoods, Gold Coast

“Well I am truly amazed. Sam and Mitch were brilliant – thank you so much, I am an advocate! Maddie was made feel so comfortable that she wanted to give them a hug to thank them at the end! Unlucky for them – it was a wet one!! They were wonderful and provided so much feedback and technical changes – I am sure she her times will only improve.” Kim Thompson, Gold Coast


Do you offer freestyle clinics?

Yes we do! Because it’s the most common and complex stroke we run freestyle clinics separately to the form stroke clinics. Click here for more information on our freestyle clinics.

What equipment is needed on the day?

We require swimming to have flippers (preferably DMC Elite Training Fins but any other brand is okay) and a front snorkel (like the FINIS or Speedo snorkels).

Is lunch provided?

Because of food handling regulations we can’t provide food on the day so we recommend packing lunch and some snacks if your child is doing more than one clinic.

Who are the coaches?

All Effortless Swimming coaches have competed at a National level or higher and also have coaching experience. The coaches at these clinics are Sam Ashby (Australian Team in the 100m butterfly at 2011 World Championships) and Mitchell Patterson (Commonwealth record holder for 100m Butterfly (SC)).

Got Questions?

Call us on 1300 755 088 or contact our support team

Cancellation policy – Because most clinics sell out we require 7 days notice if you can’t attend the clinic. If we can fill your spot we are able to provide a transfer to a future clinic.