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How To Find Your Ideal Stroke Rate For Triathlon And Open Water Swim Races

Do you know what your ideal stroke rate (cadence) is for racing events of 1,500-4000m? This set will help you find your stroke rate sweet spot for races of those distances. What’s the set? 7 x 100 Freestyle with 0:30 secs rest – Using a FINIS tempo trainer, increase your stroke rate by 4 each […]


2-Beat, 4-Beat or 6-Beat Kick?

Which type of kick should you use? A 2-beat kick, 4-beat kick or 6-beat? In this video, we’ll show you what type of kick pattern could help your speed and efficiency in freestyle. Transcription: Welcome back to the Effortless Swimming YouTube channel. In today’s episode, we’re looking at a two-beat versus four-beat versus six-beat kick. […]


Which Breathing Pattern Is Best?

Hi Brenton Ford here, welcome to the Effortless Swimming YouTube Channel. This video is about how often you should breathe and what breathing pattern you should use when you’re swimming freestyle Let’s break it down between training and racing, to me they’re two different things. In training, what I recommend to my swimmers is every […]