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Are You Enjoying It?

This week I drove from Melbourne to Sydney on our way to the Master’s National Championships. And on our way there, I listened to a really good book called Born to Run. And I listened to it through Audible which is a really cool service if you haven’t used it before. But the premise behind […]


Keep Your Goals To Yourself

In news this week: Keep Your Goals To Yourself [0:07] – Repeated psychology tests have shown you have a better chance at achieving your goals when you keep them to yourself. Share them with your coach, but when it comes to your family, friends and coworkers – you might be better off keeping it quiet. This […]


How To Stay Focused In Training

Staying focused in training is what separates the toughest swimmers from the slackers. Sam Ashby gives some tips as to how he maintains motivation, concentration and effort in training. We talk more about elite level swimming in World’s Best Swimmer.