From Broken Collarbone To Pro Triathlete In 3 Years with Kim SchwabenbauerOur guest for this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast is fun, inspiring and motivating. Kim Schwabenbauer is a professional triathlete from the U.S. and a nutritionist.

Kim and I talk about:

  • her experience when she broke a collarbone, thinking she would never be able to swim again and turning pro just three years later
  • nutrition and training
  • what she gets out of the sport
  • reasons behind for her motivation

01:33 – Breaking a Collarbone: Adversity or an Advantage?
03:50 – On coming out stronger…
05:45 – It’s part of the journey
09:22 – What do you get out of triathlon the most?
10:42 – Triathlon rewards consistency
20:58 – Learn the basics and build the propulsion
39:36 – Feeling like a kid in a candy store
45:56 – Kim’s Process in Evaluating Athlete’s Nutrition
55:06 – “They’ve found the formula for success and they’re not messing with it…”
01:08 – How much balance do you need in your life?

To learn more about Kim and her work visit her website
Details about her training camp can be found here.