In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I am talking to Julie Robinson. She was an elite level swimmer and today we will talk about mind training for swimming and how it fits into the swimming puzzle. Julie is a clinical hypnotherapist and a neuro-linguistic programmer. She has worked with a number of swimmers on the Australian Swimming team.

How To Unlock Extra Speed Using Your Mind with Julie Robinson01:10 How did it all come about?
01:21 A G.P. hypnotized us…
01:55 When I didn’t use it, it wasn’t so good..
04:00 The mind is a powerful tool.
05:40 Tapping into skills to make it better…
06:49 Exploring the creativity of their mind
08:00 Visualisation + Kinesthetic Emotion = Magic
10:40 From that emotion you transform
11:09 Trick your mind.
12:00 Think about the pay-off.
14:20 Go for that One Good Wave!
15:15 My favorite mind exercise is…
17:10 Deal with the roller coaster of swimming.
18:28 Kids learn quickly by copying.
19:00 Losing is an opportunity to make changes.
20:00 Who wouldn’t want speed?
21:46 Be careful with superstitions.
22:53 You need control.
23:47 Elusive self-belief.
26:00 Athletes who improved performance through hypnosis…
28:10 More about how I got into hypnosis…
31:25 Meet the Vomit Buster.
33:00 Cleared anxiety in a 1-hour session
33:57 To change an emotion, you have to do it unconsciously.
36:00 The basics – Eat well. Have a good mindset.
37:45 Life goes in waves…
40:30 “Adults are just children with mortgages.”
41:50 Mind Training for Swimming Fast
46:08 Swimmers are very special people.

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