The Art Of Triathlon Swimming

A step by step program for swimming fast, efficient freestyle for beginner to intermediate level triathletes. Featuring professional triathletes Clayton Fettell and Annabel Luxford.

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Effortless Freestyle

The Effortless Freestyle program is our flagship technique program. Designed to help you change your freestyle into fast, efficient swimming, you’ll discover what the fastest swimmers from all across the world focus on. It doesn’t matter where you are now, you can make adjustments to your stroke today using the unique drills and strategies in Effortless Freestyle. Start swimming faster today without the need for a coach looking over your shoulder.

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Online Swim Coaching

With Video Analysis, Drills, Workouts + Lots More

When you train for hours on your own, sometimes it helps to have a coach guiding you along the way. You can save yourself hours of trial and error and get the right answers to improve your swimming with our online swim coaching program. Join hundreds of swimmers and triathletes in the community to fast track your swim results. Get expert guidance from Head Coach Brenton Ford. Access all of our video programs and workouts (worth $600+), get video analysis of your stroke and be a part of the group taking their results to the next level.

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