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The traditional advice such as 'swim with the least amount of strokes as possible' has been sabotaging swimmers for too long. We’re here to change that.

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About Brenton Ford

Brenton has been in swimming for many years with experience competing and coaching at a national level for 17 years. He's also competed in triathlon, holding the 25-29 year age group swim course record at Ironman Taupo.

With that in mind, he soon realised the traditional coaching methods he'd originally been taught weren't working with most adults swimmers and triathletes. Thats when Effortless Swimming was born.

Relaxed...not wrecked

“Cruising through the introductory drills at the moment and having a ball. I am loving the chilled out relaxed feel of these drills and getting out of the water without feeling wrecked for a change!” — Annette Jacobsen, Melbourne, Australia

'Shave off 3 minutes in the 1.5km swim!'

"I've been practising and following the drills as per your advise. Last Saturday I did the first olympic triathlon of the year and to my surprise I managed to shave off 3 minutes in the 1.5 km swim. Great stuff. Thanks for the fantastic program! Thanks again."- Jorge Mascaro, Birmingham, UK

Four second improvement

“I am feeling good and have improved my time for 25 yards from 22 sec down to 18 sec just with technique changes with no additional energy.” —Jaime Wooten, Triathlete, USA

Personal video analysis at your fingertips

Send me (Brenton Ford) a video of your swimming and I'll personally do a video analysis for you and provide specific drills and adjustments to change your swimming for good! All included in your Effortless Swimming Membership.