No Matter Your Starting Point, Our Supportive
“Zero Pressure” Coaching Methodology Can Help You…

Become a faster, stronger swimmer so you can shave minutes off your best times and set new PRs.

Feel more confident, relaxed and at ease in the water by refining your existing technique.

Increase your endurance and become a stronger swimmer in any distance

Go from back of the pack to first out of the water in open water, triathlon or Ironman events.

In other words, we give you an exact blueprint for better results and more enjoyment in
the water… Whether you are competing or just swimming for personal pleasure.

Over 6,200+ Swimmers Coached, And Counting…

“I set a new race PB…”

“I had never been faster than 2:12, this time my pace was 1:57! I set a new race PB. Today I brushed 20 sec from my PB on 400m and 13 sec from my PB on 200m. Wow! Your approach definitely works!!! Thank you!”
Dmitry Kravchenko, Russia

“I went from exiting the water in 45th place…to coming out of the water 4th…”

”Over the course of a year working with Brenton, I went from exiting the water in 45th place for the swim leg of a 70.3 to coming out of the water 4th.” The swim was harder than the previous yea… So the 30sec improvement to my time doesn’t reflect exactly how much progress I made.”
Angele Simard

“I actually feel faster and more efficient…”

“Today I did a CSS test (400m and 200m) and I got PBs for both as well as a slight increase in threshold speed. Very happy with the results and the nice thing is that I actually feel faster and more efficient.”
Gavin Harte

Just Between You And Us…
Is There Something Holding Your Swimming Back?

If any of this sounds like your experience in the water, then we can help…
Even if you have never had lessons before in your life.

Find The Training Plan That Fits Your Goals
So You Can Become The Swimmer You Want To Be

I Want To Learn Online…

Effortless Swimming
Online Membership

Become a faster, more confident swimmer in any conditions or distance with this 100% online, on-demand training program.

I Want In-Person Coaching…

Freestyle Clinics

Prefer to learn face-to-face? Get expert in-person coaching, underwater filming & analysis at a location near you (Australia only).

I Want My Stroke Analyzed…

Online Stroke Analysis

Refine your stroke further and work one-on-one with Brenton Ford to unlock even more speed, endurance and confidence in the water.

Just So You Know…
We Take A Different Approach To Swimming Coaching That Is
Unlike “Traditional” Methods You May Have Encountered Before…

…And It Gets Uncommon Results

There’s the conventional way of doing things. Then there’s the Effortless Swimming way of coaching.

Instead of simply applying the techniques taught to kids, we’ve built a coaching methodology specifically for adult swimmers. Whether you are just starting out, swim recreationally or compete…

It’s swimming coaching simplified and on your terms. Easy to follow cues, on-demand lessons, and clear plans fit for your goals – all done at a pace that works for you. 

It’s your proven, step-by-step plan for becoming faster, stronger and more confident in the water.

Who Is Effortless Swimming Designed For...?

Casual & Recreational

Just getting into swimming or swim regularly for enjoyment? We’ll help you become more confident, comfortable and faster in the water.

Competitive Swimmers

Race competitively in any distance? We’ll help you shave time off your PBs and race times to achieve even better results.

Triathletes & Ironman

Want to become more confident and relaxed in the ocean? We’ll help you boost your speed, make the distance and enjoy the swim leg.

Helping Thousands Of Swimmers Swim Faster & More Confidently

“A 4-minute improvement...”

“Ten days, one video analysis, and a few workouts later, a 4-minute improvement. I would have been happy with that after months of work.
Prescott Balch, USA

“I had my fastest swim
time in a 70.3 race…”

“I had my fastest swim time in a 70.3 race. It was 40 minutes and my previous times were around 44. Super happy with my swim and I am looking forward to getting faster and more efficient.”
Prescott Balch, USA

“I cannot tell you how utterly
thrilled I am about my progress…”

“I was very skeptical that coaching could be done online... I cannot tell you how utterly thrilled I am about my progress. I wished I had your expertise when I was a lot younger.”
Dora Hong, USA

Introducing… The Effortless Swimming Online Membership Program The Most Comprehensive Online Swimming Coaching Program Available. Purpose-Built For All Abilities.

Most of life happens online. And now swimming coaching does too.

The Effortless Swimming Membership Program is a 100% online, on-demand step-by-step system for improving your stroke, speed and efficiency in the water.

The Experienced Coaching Team That Others Turn To…

Trainers of the Melbourne Fire Brigade SWIFT water team

Creators of the curriculum for UESCA endurance sports accreditation

Coaching partner of Swimming Australia

Meet Your Head Coach

Hi, I’m Brenton…

It’s safe to say swimming is in my genes.

It started with my grandfather running a local pool and coaching when he first immigrated from Austria to Australia. Both my parents were swimming coaches, too.

Naturally, I became a competitive swimmer, reaching multiple National finals before turning my hand to coaching. Humbly speaking, I had some success there too… coaching a Masters team to five National club championships.

I launched Effortless Swimming in 2009 after coming to a realization: conventional coaching methods I’d been taught growing up don’t work for many adult swimmers.

Incredibly, 10+ years later, my coaching approach has helped thousands of people in dozens of countries become more at home in the water. For me, it’s about more than just shaving minutes off the clock…

“I love helping our members become better at swimming because it leads to confidence and development in other areas of life.”

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Learn actionable advice from the best
swimming coaches, elite swimmers and experts
inside the Effortless Swimming blog, video
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more confidently.

Ready To Truly Enjoy Your Time In The Water?

Gain the support you need to swim more confidently, improve your technique,
and become the swimmer you want to be.


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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen