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Correction Clinics

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What isit?

Small group, highly focused stroke correction clinics for kids and teenagers on butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. Each swimmer has underwater filming and video analysis at the beginning of the clinic, followed by a pool session working through specific drills and exercises to help correct their stroke.

With a small group size of six swimmers per clinic, each swimmer is given tailored feedback and advice throughout the clinic. All clinics are run by Effortless Swimming coaches who have competed at or coached at a National or International level and have experience
coaching all levels of swimmers.

Who is it For?

Swimmers 9-16 years of age* who are looking to improve their
technique in a small class size with regular feedback. *Swimmers
must be able to swim 50m of each stroke

What you'll learn and cover during the Clinics

Price: $140 per stroke

(includes a copy of their underwater filming
and recorded video analysis)

How many spots are
available for
each Clinic?

Each clinic is capped at a maximum of
6 swimmers

What you’ll Need:

Swim Fins (we recommend DMC Elite fins)


Front Snorkel (Optional)



You’ll be taken directly to a booking and payment page via WeTeachMe when booking.

Butterfly Stroke Correction Clinic – Sydney

Brooke Withers Swim School
6/2 Daydream St, Warriewood NSW 2102


June 5th, 2022
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Backstroke Correction Clinic – Sydney

Brooke Withers Swim School
6/2 Daydream St, Warriewood NSW 2102


June 5th, 2022
11:45 AM – 1:45 PM

Breaststroke Correction Clinic – Sydney

Brooke Withers Swim School
6/2 Daydream St, Warriewood NSW 2102


June 5th, 2022
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Is your city not listed or the dates above don't suit You

Let us know where you’d like us to visit by emailing us here.

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Need a birthday present for a loved one?

Freestyle Stroke Correction – Clinics gift vouchers are available for purchase here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swimmers and triathletes of all levels who want to become faster, more efficient and confident in the water. Suitable for adults, teenagers and swimmers 12 years or older.

Yes, the clinics are held in various locations across Australia on a regular basis. You can find the most convenient location and date for you in the ‘Locations’ section above.

The clinics are always made up of six swimmers and one Effortless Swimming coach. We always maintain a six swimmers to one coach ratio as from years of coaching we know this is the perfect balance for learning.

We recommend being able to swim 400m without stopping (at any pace) as the minimum requirement to get the most out of the clinics.

Unfortunately, we hear this more often than we’d like from our members. That’s why the Effortless Swimming coaching method uses a style that is relaxed, supportive and comes with zero pressure. Our goal is to make you comfortable and confident in the water by giving you the advice you need, then allowing you to learn at your own pace.

No. The Effortless Swimming community is about supporting each other, not competing against each other. The only person you are competing against is yourself and your previous personal bests!

You will be given free access to the Skillest app where you can watch and review your videos and analysis anytime from home or during your training. The Skillest app can be downloaded on Ios, Android or accessed via your internet browser. 

Your coach will be a member of the experienced Effortless Swimming coaching team. All our coaches have competed or coached at the national or international level, and teach in a supportive way that aligns with your goals in the water.

When you sign up for a clinic today, you will be charged $279. Once payment has been made, you will receive confirmation and full details for your upcoming clinic.

Yes, of course! Our team is available to answer any questions you have. Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll respond back to you as quickly as possible.

Have other questions?

Call us in Australia on 1300755088 or contact us here.

Cancellation policy – Because most clinics sell out, we require 7 days’ notice if you can’t attend the clinic.



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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen