This week is hell week.  And like I promised you last week I was going to give you one of our workouts from hell week. So that’s coming up very shortly. The rest of the workouts I’m adding in to Effortless Swimming Membership Program which is our online swim coaching program. So head on over to Effortless Swimming Membership Program for the rest of the workouts.

Hell week is one week of very hard training where we increase the intensity and we increase the number of sessions that we do for the week.

Hell Week SwimproveMonday’s set was 30x 100 best average on 2:00. Best average is as fast as you can hold for the set, without blowing up towards the end. I don’t want you to go 5×100 at max effort and then blowing up at the last 25x 100. We want to go as hard as we can that we can maintain for the rest of the set. We are only really want to sort of 2 second variants for each of our hundreds. You can of course adjust the time so I want you to get 40-50 seconds rest after each of your 100’s. You might need to adjust the time to be able to fit with that.

You might be end up going on 2:15 or 2:30 or 2:45. But what we’re looking here is the 30x 100 holding as fast as you possibly can. About half way through you’ll probably find that you’re filled with lactic acid. You might be feeling a bit sick and you’re finding it hard to maintain your time and your technique. But that’s why we keep pushing through, all the way through to 30x 100.

The set was so hard on Monday night, one of our swimmers couldn’t keep their dinner down – which is great! I loved it as a coach that swimmers are able to push themselves so hard that they can’t keep their dinner down. When you go through the set, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot harder than what you’ll ever experience in a race. That’s what I’m aiming for here because if you can push yourself so hard in training, that when it comes time to racing, that that’s the easy part and that’s why we’re training.

If you’re a coach or you take a group of people for swimming, then this is a good set to challenge yourself with. It only takes an hour if you’re doing 30×100 on 2:00 so you can really push yourself in that 1 hour time block. We did 800m of warm up before doing the set.

To get the rest of the workouts, head on over to Effortless Swimming Membership Program. I’m going to add one more of our hell week workout sessions on to our Facebook page at so you can find out one of the other workouts that we’re going to do there.

I hope that you set yourself for hell week as a bit of a challenge for your training. Looking forward to see you next week.