3 Ways To Swim Faster

In swimming news this week we look at 3 ways to improve as a swimmer, how to cut seconds from your times with a better streamline, what to do if you’ve got sore shoulders from swimming.  We also ask – do you need the perfect conditions in training to improve?  And we also show you how you can get the workouts that we do everyday in training.

00:29 – Three Ways To Get Faster
01:35 – Shave Off Time With Better Streamline
02:20 – ‘The Shoulder Guy’ Podcast Interview
02:40 – Training Conditions Don’t Need To Be Perfect
03:15 – Private Facebook Group Ready To Join Now

When a swimmer comes to me and they ask, “What can I do to swim faster?”  We take a look at 3 things: their workouts, their technique and their strength training. And if they’re weak in any of those areas then we put a plan together to improve them.  So if they need to improve their technique, we’ll get drills from the Mastering Freestyle Program and Effortless Form if they are a butterflyer, backstroker or breaststroker. We put together a drill program based on those programs that will improve their technique.  Now if they need to improve their fitness, we’ll get workouts from the Effortless Swimming Workouts Program, if they’re a triathlete, we’ll get a triathlete program, if they’re a pool swimmer, then we use the pool workouts.  But we’ll give them instructions to follow to improve their fitness. And if they need to improve their strength, then we’ll bring them workouts from the Swim Gym Pro Program which works on balance and control.  So if you find that you’re becoming tired and fatigue and your technique goes out the window, then it’s probably because you haven’t got the right stabilization or core control.  And if you’re doing exercises from Swim Gym Pro that’s going to improve your ability to maintain your technique when you’re tired.

Shave Off Time With Better Streamline

Now the easiest way to swim faster without any effort is by improving your streamline. So as a coach, I stand on deck and I watch swimmers a lot and I see one of the biggest weaknesses is streamline. I see most swimmers are streamlining poorly, which obviously isn’t very streamlined. The other way to do it is to lock-in your elbows and have no gap between your arms and your ears. And the best way to do it is with a better hand position. So one hand on top of the other, wrap your top thumb around your bottom hand and that will help you lock out your elbows and straighten your arms.

Improve your hand position by wrapping that top thumb over your bottom hand and you’ll be able to lock in a much tighter streamline which will make you more streamlined and you’ll be able to push off the wall faster.

‘The Shoulder Guy’ Podcast Interview

Now if you got problems with your shoulders from swimming, then take a look at the lastest podcast I did with Luke Van Every.  He’s known as ‘The Shoulder Guy’ for a reason.  Luke gives us a few strategies to improve our shoulder strength and to fix shoulders if they’ve been injured from swimming. Watch the podcast here.

Training Conditions Don’t Need To Be Perfect

As a triathlete or a swimmer, you don’t need the perfect conditions in training to become an elite sports person.  Sometimes the adversity from not having perfect conditions makes you stronger and you’re able to adopt to conditions when they’re thrown at you. So if you’re at a competition and it’s raining or its windy or its cold or there’s a lot of noise, then training in conditions that aren’t perfect will help you deal with those conditions in racing.

Private Facebook Group Ready To Join Now

Every time I take a training session with my squad here at Melbourne, I’m taking a picture of my white board so you can see the session and I’m uploading it to a private Facebook group that I’ve set up.  So if you want to get access to that private Facebook group, it’s only $10 a month for 3-months. And there are a few swimmers who are in the group and they’re doing those sessions with us everyday. Click here to get access to the workouts

That’s it with Swimming News This Week, I’ll see you next week.


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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen