the 8-week faster Freestyle Course

Unlock new speed in the water with a step-by-step
program that shows you exactly which parts of your stroke
to focus on to swim faster.

Just $79. One-time payment. Guaranteed.

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This course is for swimmers who can confidently swim at least 400m already who want a
structured way to improve every aspect of their freestyle stroke to swim faster.

What If I Told You that You Could be Swimming Faster than Ever Before Just Weeks from Now…?

By that I mean, what if you had a competitive edge to finish higher in race rankings…?

Or you could keep up with and actually SET the pace in triathlons or Ironman races if they’re your thing…?

Or you could simply enjoy the satisfaction of consistently beating your own best times in the pool…?

If you want to swim faster freestyle, all of the above is possible once you know the most important adjustments you need to make to your stroke.

But, before I get to that, let me first say that…

Having coached 6,000+ swimmers, I know speed is about more than just finishing higher in race rankings, beating PRs and a time on the clock…

Sure, those things are all incredible.

But, even more than that…

Your ability to swim as fast as you want has a big impact on your enjoyment and fulfilment in the water.

Simply, when you can move through the water with minimal effort and maximum speed, it changes your whole swimming experience.

Instead of feeling like you are dragging yourself through the water, it will feel like you are “dancing” through the water.

Rather than feeling like you’ve “maxed out” your swimming ability, new speed revitalizes every session in the pool.

And let me assure you of this…

Swimming faster has nothing to do with working harder.

Nor does it mean you have to add countless extra hours in the water.

I can confidently say that all the extra speed you wish you had is just beneath the
surface of your existing technique…

It’s just a matter of knowing what changes to make to unlock it.

What You May Have Already Figured Out is that There are
so Many Moving Parts in Your Technique that Can Add or
Detract from Your Speed…

That’s why, whether you have been swimming for less than a year or practically your whole life, you may have
experienced one (or more!) of the following…
More than anything else… you just wish you had someone who would
give you straight-to-the-point guidance for swimming
Well, you know what? You are in the right place because…

If you are committed to swimming faster freestyle…

Then I Will Share My Step-by-Step Speed Protocol That’s
Worked for Swimmers of All Levels, from Recreational
Right up to the National Level

If swimming faster is important to your goals in the water,
then I will show you…
With my speed protocol, it’s not uncommon for my students to increase
their speeds by up to 20 seconds/100m in just a few weeks.

“This is pure gold…”

“This is pure gold. I fancy myself as a reasonably advanced swimmer and have studied the sport for some time. Thanks for this inspiring course"
Carlo Pagni

“Gliding through the water and not fighting it…”

“Wow..this has made a huge improvement for me! [The course] made me feel like I was gliding through the water and not fighting it.....finally!!!”
Frank Kienle

“I’ve taken 6 seconds off my 100's"

My feeling in the water really developed. My 'normal' pace seems much more sustainable now, I feel more relaxed and am I am not afraid doing harder efforts"
Oke Büll

Over the Course of Just 8 Weeks…
You’ll Unlock Reserves of Speed That are Just Below
the Surface of Your Current Freestyle Technique

The 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course is designed around an easy-to-follow week-by-week format that makes learning easier and more effective.

Each week, you’ll have total clarity about what to expect, what to do, and how to
track your results so you can see your amazing progress. 

Here’s how I’ll teach you to become a faster swimmer just weeks from today…

Week 1 – Breathing and Relaxation

In this essential first week, you’ll discover how to stay relaxed and control your heart rate so you can move better and swim faster with less effort. Plus, by mastering your breathing you’ll escape the feeling of being “out of breath”, elevating your endurance and allowing you to sustain a fast pace for longer.

Week 2 – Posture, Head
Position and Kick (& Attitude!)

In Week 2, you’ll learn how to become more powerful and comfortable by making simple yet effective adjustments to your posture, head position and kick. These are the exact techniques I have discovered from working with some of the top swimmers and coaches in the world.

Week 3 – Balance, Alignment & Hand Position

In Week 3, we’ll unlock renewed speed in the water by focusing on your balance, alignment and hand position. Balance is the no.1 way to reduce drag and swim faster – so that’s where we’ll start. Next, I’ll show you how to find and maintain optimal alignment and hand position to achieve “easy wins” to gain more speed.

Week 4 – Rotation, Recovery and Entry

In Week 4, you’ll take your next big step in generating more speed and drive in the water. By focusing on what happens “above the water” with your rotation, recovery and entry, I’ll show you how to build momentum and become assertive in the water – while avoiding the most common mistakes that slow swimmers down.

Week 5 - The Catch

By now, you’ll already be experiencing new speed in the water. And in week 5, we’ll turn all our attention to your catch. The catch is the 80/20 part of your stroke. It’s the 20% of your stroke that can contribute to 80% of your speed. So, getting it right is essential.

Week 6 – The Power Diamond

In Week 6, I’ll reveal my proprietary “Power Diamond” technique that creates the optimal shape during your pull for maximum propulsion. Once you learn to incorporate the Power Diamond into your stroke, you’ll become exceptionally strong and powerful without much effort.

Week 7 – Kick Timing & Type
(And “The Serape Effect”)

In week 7, you’ll gain an empowering sense of rhythm and fluency by connecting your catch, rotation of your torso and hips, and kick together. This is the “art of swimming”. If you have even seen strong swimmers seemingly moving through the water with little effort, you’ll discover exactly how they do it in this lesson.

Week 8 – Stroke Rate

In the 8th and final week, you’ll complete the final part of “The Speed Equation” by focusing on your stroke rate (cadence). You’ll learn the difficult art of increasing your stroke rate while maintaining your distance per stroke – and how to find your “sweet spot” that’s the fastest combination of both.

As you can see, I’ll guide you through absolutely everything
you need to do to start swimming faster…

…If You Simply Follow the Steps That I Give You, You’ll Shave Seconds (Even Minutes) Off Your PRs Just Weeks from Now…

Just $79. One-time payment. Guaranteed.

Plus… You’ll Have Direct Access to Me Inside the Private Members’ Area to Ask Any Questions You Have

Inside the private 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course Members’ Area, you’ll get direct access to me. Ask any questions, request extra guidance or simply share your big wins… It’s like having a coach you can turn to at the side of the pool!

100% Online and On Demand Learning

With the 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course, swimming coaching has never been more convenient or effective. Access all the video lessons, training drills and workouts on your schedule at your local pool via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

So, Just to Sum it Up, Here’s Everything You Will Get When You Join Today...

“A 4-minute improvement...”

“Ten days, one video analysis, and a few workouts later, a 4-minute improvement. I would have been happy with that after months of work.
Prescott Balch, USA

“I had my fastest swim
time in a 70.3 race…”

“I had my fastest swim time in a 70.3 race. It was 40 minutes and my previous times were around 44. Super happy with my swim and I am looking forward to getting faster and more efficient.”
Laurie Rose, USA

“I cannot tell you how utterly
thrilled I am about my progress…”

“I was very skeptical that coaching could be done online... I cannot tell you how utterly thrilled I am about my progress. I wished I had your expertise when I was a lot younger.”
Dora Hong, USA

Who is this Program for…?

If any of the below sound like you, then this program is exactly what you need to start swimming faster than you have ever before…

Does any of this sound like you?
Then you are ready to start swimming faster today…


Due to the more advanced nature of this program, it is NOT for junior swimmers or swimmers who are still building their confidence and distance in the water.

My Faster Freestyle 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I'm so Sure this Course Will Help You Swim Faster, I 100% Guarantee it.

If at any time within the 30 days of starting this program you don’t believe it’s right for you or you
change your mind about wanting to swim faster, simply email [email protected] and I
will give you a full refund. That’s how committed I am to helping you swim faster.

Just $79. One-time payment. Guaranteed.

Why Should You Listen to Me When it Comes to Swimming Faster…?

Hi, I’m Brenton, Head Coach of Effortless Swimming…

After coaching over 6,000 swimmers at all levels and competing at the national level, “I want to swim faster” is something I hear more than anything else.

I hear it from recreational swimmers, Masters swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers… literally every type of swimmer there is!

There’s a good reason for this: there’s no better feeling than moving through the water with speed with very little effort.

And it gets even better once you see the time on the clock!

I’ve been helping people swim faster for almost 20 years.

The techniques, workouts and drills I’ll share with you in this program are the very same ones I’ve used to help swimmers win national championships (and win them myself).

Your goal might be to win competitive races too.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You see, that’s because the methods for swimming faster that I teach work whether you want to win a race or simply compete against your own best times.

So, if you are ready to swim faster than you have ever before, I can’t wait to see you inside the 8-Week Faster Freestyle Members’ Area.

Just $79. One-time payment. Guaranteed.

“Today I got a new 1km PB…”

Today I got a new 1km PB. I have plateaued for almost one and a half years and never managed to get it under 20:30. I not only broke the 20-min barrier, but also directly went under 19:30 (19:23 on the watch).”
Qi Shi

“I am really enjoying the improvements that I am making…”

“I entered the Kurnell triathlon a couple of weeks ago and came 6/20 in the swim, that is definitely an improvement! I am really enjoying the improvements that I am making. It is making a huge difference to my attitude to simply getting in the water.”
Jo Whithear

“I can’t believe it…”

“My time dropped from 29-mins for 1500m to 25:57. I can’t believe it.”
Edward Reilly

I Know You May Be Thinking…

I don’t have a group or squad to train with…

That’s not a problem! This program is equally effective whether you train as part of a group or on your own.

Each week, I’ll give you workouts that you can easily follow in
your local pool by yourself if you aren’t part of a swimming group. 

I’m already a strong swimmer, I’m not sure this program will make me any faster…

I’ve designed this program so that even the most experienced swimmer can use it to swim faster.

The lessons can be applied to match your current speed and experience, so you can optimize all aspects of your technique to unlock speed. Remember… even Olympic Gold Medallists can find more speed – and if they can, so can you!

I’m super busy, I don’t think I have time to
follow a coaching program…

I know everyone’s short on time in today’s non-stop society, that’s why I’ve designed this course to be 100% on demand.

In a perfect world, it’s best to do it all in one go from week one to eight. But if life gets in the way for a day here or there, don’t sweat it! Simply jump back in where you left off once your schedule frees up. Do it on your schedule at your own pace.

If You Had a Proven Way to be Swimming Faster Freestyle Just 8 Weeks from Now…

What Would this Mean for Your Time in the Water?

If you could…

…Keep or even SET the pace and feel strong in an open water event…

…Or sprint out of the water ahead of the pack in a triathlon or Iron Man…

…Or win or place consistently at Masters events…

…Or simply shave time off your PRs to prove something to yourself…

What would this mean for the enjoyment and fulfilment you get from swimming?

All this is not only possible for your swimming, but achievable just weeks
from now. 

Get started today and start swimming faster within weeks.

Just $79. One-time payment. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course is designed for more experienced swimmers who can swim at least 400m freestyle. Many swimmers in the program compete in Masters, triathlons or open water events, while others simply want to swim faster recreationally.

Ideally, you will complete the program from start to finish in 8 weeks. But I understand life can sometimes get in the way of your best intentions. That’s why the program is on-demand so you can pause and come back to lessons as your schedule allows.

Yes, once you join you have lifetime access to the course! And the great thing about it is that it can continue to unlock new speed in your stroke by rewatching the lessons to refresh your memory after completing it the first time

Yes! You can ask questions and comment on lessons inside the Members’ Area and I will respond directly to you.

Yes. You can do the program at a pool that is most convenient for you. 

Yes! We have English, Italian and Spanish subtitles for each video inside the course.  

Once you complete payment, you will be provided immediate online access to the program lessons and private Members’ Area

When you join today, you will be charged a one-time fee of $79 and gain instant access to the program. There are no ongoing payments.

Yes, we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t swimming faster, after following the program, you can reach out to our team and request a refund.


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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen



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