Today we’re looking at your exit in freestyle, how to know if you are pushing back far enough in freestyle to come over the top in the recovery in a comfortable, relaxed position. When it comes to the exit phase of the stroke, when the hands coming out of the water, there are two things that I like you to keep in mind.

1. Forearm and the hand to be pressing back against the water.
When you’re pressing back on the water, that’s going to move you forward.

2. Relaxed and rhythmic recovery
You need to be able to come out of the water in a way where you finish that exit from the water, your hand should be moving straight back into the recovery in a very relaxed, rhythmic manner. If you get caught up out the back stroke, then you probably going to find it quite hard to come over the top. It should almost float up towards the surface as we move through the pull.

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