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The seven steps to faster swimming video series will take you through each fundamental part of swimming technique. By the end of each video, you will have one thing that you can use in your next session to get you quicker times and easier swimming.

The fastest way to fix your body position so you sit high in the water near the surface where you have less resistance and can travel faster is to change your head position. Your head is like the captain of a ship it determines where you go and what the rest of your body does. The common mistake is to look forward; this makes your body sit lower in the water which means you are creating more drag so that it is harder to swim fast. It can also make you snake through the water when you breathe but more on this in another lesson.

The ideal head position is to look at the bottom of the pool or slightly forward, tuck your chin back so you are lengthening the back of your neck and the back of your head should be out of the water. Try this in your next session and notice the improvement in your body position.

In the next lesson we cover body position and will teach you how to stay balanced in the water, how to sit high in the water and glide further with each stroke. Keep an eye out for the next email in the next few days.

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