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Why You Need Better Technique

If you're tired of not improving your swimming, join the Effortless Swimming membership today. This powerful online course will teach you the 5 Core Principles of freestyle that are proven to increase your speed and reduce your effort.

  • Learn how to control your heart rate and effort
  • Develop balance and stability
  • Move easily through the water
  • Develop a catch and pull that propels you forwards
  • Discover a sustainable rhythm and tempo

Better technique leads to faster swimming!

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Why Your Technique Matters

How would your swimming change if you were able to reduce drag, increase propulsion and develop an effective stroke? Would you feel more confident? Would you have more fun? Would your race times improve?

At Effortless Swimming, we've helped thousands of swimmers improve their technique and watch them wipe minutes off their personal best times. Now they're wondering what the next step is. The 5 Core Principles is THE road map to getting faster and building confidence for swimmers of all levels.

Membership Options

VideoVideo & Analysis (Monthly)Video & Analysis & Clinic (Annual)
The 5 Core Principles Training Videos
Elite Swimmer Example Videos
8 Week Faster Freestyle Course
Swimming Drill Library
LIVE Members-only Monthly Webinars
144+ Downloadable Workouts
15% off clinics and equipment
Unlimited Video Analysis Of Your Stroke By Head Coach Brenton Ford-
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FREE attendance to 1x Freestyle Clinic each year--
14 Days Free Then $199/year (USD)$199/month (USD)$1999/year (USD)
(Save 16% off monthly)

Here’s What People Are Saying

“I had my fastest swim time in a 70.3 race. It was 40 minutes and my previous times were around 44. Super happy with my swim and I am looking forward to getting faster and more efficient.”

Laurie Rose, USA

“I was very skeptical that coaching could be done online and my free looked hassled and unbalanced. The video I sent you recently looked like a completely different swimmer, and that was only after a couple of months. I cannot tell you how utterly thrilled I am about my progress. I wished I had your expertise when I was a lot younger.”

Dora Hong, USA

“I had never been faster than 2,12, this time my pace was 1.57! I set a new race PB. Today I brushed 20 sec from my PB on 400m and 13 sec from my PB on 200m. Wow! Your approach definitely works!!! Thank you!””

Dmitry Kravchenko, Russia

“”Over the course of a year working with Brenton, I went from exiting the water in 45th place for the swim leg of a 70.3 to coming out of the water 4th.” The swim was harder than the previous year (I had mirror-like conditions) versus chop and current in the second year. So the 30sec improvement to my time doesn’t reflect exactly how much progress I made.”

Angele Simard

What's Inside The Membership?

5 Stroke-Changing Core Principle Video Modules

that will teach you the correct order to work on things and how to develop each part of your stroke.

12 Technique Fault Fixer Videos

with detailed step-by-step drill progression and fixes to remove common faults from your stroke including eliminating a crossover, fixing a dropped elbow catch, sinking legs and much more.

8 Elite Swimmer Example Videos

with in-depth analysis of their stroke (includes fastest pro Ironman swimmer Josh Amberger, female pro Annabel Luxford, New Zealand 10km Champion Solomon Wright)

144 Speed And Endurance Building Workouts

to make the most of your time in the pool and develop your swim-specific fitness

Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

including monthly webinars, drill library and all of our video courses.

Video Analysis Of Your Stroke By Brenton Ford

with recommended drills, focus areas and key adjustments (Stroke Analysis Members only).

Hi, I’m Brenton Ford. After working with 2,000+ athletes I came to realise something odd...many of the conventional coaching methods don't work for most triathletes and open water swimmers.

I was on pool deck, scratching my head, trying to figure out why. This went on for years. And it’s not like they were unfit...They could bike and run from sunrise to sunset. Hardly breaking a sweat.

Too many adult swimmers have been taught to focus on the wrong things, and it's making them slower. With the right approach and following the five core principles you can get faster and be confident in the water.

Here’s What People Are Saying

14 days free then only $199/year (USD) for video membership
or $199/month for video membership + stroke analysis.

No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime. FREE updates as we add more elite swimmers, 'Fix Your Stroke' drills and courses to the library. Stay on this low rate for as long as you are a member.

365 Day Swim Faster GUARANTEE

I'm confident you will be swimming faster in just a few weeks but you have a full 365 days to try it. If you're not swimming faster, smoother and easier in that time simply email [email protected] for a full refund. The reason we've worked with so many athletes over the past 10 years is because of word-of-mouth from swimmers like you, because I'm committed to getting results for everyone that works with us.

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You might have some questions about the membership.

These are the most commonly asked questions....

How do I know if Effortless Swimming Membership is right for me?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with a lack of improvement or you imagine yourself swimming with speed and ease but you’re just not sure how…

The membership will provide you with the coaching and tools to improve your technique, fitness and ability to race. It’s not for anyone wanting a ‘quick fix’ or short term solution.

We’re about developing skills for life and putting in the work required to get there. If you want to become a better swimmer and feel like you haven’t reached your potential yet…this is for you.


What’s the ‘Swim Faster’ guarantee all about?

I’m so certain you will be swimming quicker that if for some crazy reason you haven’t improved after 12 months, I’ll happily refund your entire membership fee*. Simply contact our support team here.

*There is hard work involved and it takes consistency and practice to get better. The swim faster guarantee requires you to add a video of your swimming for analysis at least every two months (for stroke analysis members) so that I can provide the feedback and coaching to help you change the way you swim.

How can I cancel my membership?

Most members stick around for years, but in the unlikely event you’d like to cancel your membership, you can email [email protected] There’s no lock-in contract and you can cancel anytime. There are no refunds on the unused portion of your membership.

How do I access a FREE Effortless Swimming freestyle clinic?

The annual video and stroke analysis membership includes free attendance to one of our freestyle clinics anywhere in the world. Once you’re a member simply choose the freestyle clinic you’d like to attend here and email [email protected] with your name, email address and the clinic you’d like to attend (just let them know you’re a member).

How does the video analysis work?

Getting a video analysis of your stroke is simple. All you need to do is upload your video to Youtube, send me the link and I’ll do the rest. I’ll do a complete analysis for you with adjustments to make, drills to follow and key focus areas. The best angles to get are from the front and side above the water (and below if you have access to an underwater camera but this isn’t required).

It's Never Too Late To Improve Your Swimming
When You Learn The 5 Core Principles Of Effortless Swimming Freestyle

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