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The Solution To A Tight Lower Back

One of the principles of fast swimming that we teach is flexibility. In our work with swimmers and triathletes we notice that hip, hamstring and glute flexibility is often poor. This can change a swimmer’s body position by causing their legs to drop and hips to sit below the surface. Athletes that are sitting for […]


How to Continually Improve Your Swimming

Welcome to swimming news this week; this week we talk about the importance of consistency, why you should get flexibility tested and I have a back stroke and a breast stroke tip for you. 00:21 – Is Your Training Consistent? 01:22 – Flexibility Testing 02:25 – ‘World’s Best Swimmer’ Now Free 02:58 – Supercharging Your […]


#15 Why Usain Bolt Travels With a Chiropractor (featuring Koe Davidson)

On this episode of Effortless Swimming podcast, I have Koe Davidson who is a swimmer with me at PowerPoints and he is also a chiropractor. I have been seeing Koe for the last couple of weeks about a sore back, but going in to get that treated I have had a lot more come out […]