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If You Don’t Think Kick Is Important…

If you’ve worn a band in your freestyle before, some of those rubber bands or those synthetic bands that you can tie around your feet so that you don’t kick…then you’ll know just how important it is to kick to balance and time your stroke. When you’ve got a band on, it keeps your feet […]

How To Sprint Faster In Freestyle

If you want to swim a faster 50m or 100m freestyle there are a few changes you can make to your stroke in order to swim faster. 0:11 – How To Change Your Technique For Sprinting 0:27 – Shoulder Driven Freestyle 0:36 – Start The Catch Deeper 0:54 – Keep Momentum From Your Entry 1:12 […]

Body Position in Freestyle – The 3 Steps to Achieving Correct Body Position in Freestyle

I wanted to share something with you that I learnt on the weekend from Australian swimmer Sam Ashby. He came along to our Saturday training session and assisted with the coaching on the day. He ran through a number of drills which focused on one hugely important part of freestyle. I worked on this one […]

Freestyle Swim Kick Technique – Vertical Kick Progression

The past 4-6 months have been the endurance phase of our training program. We’ve been doing more miles in the pool and higher intensity work. One thing which occurred to me is the poor kicking technique and strength in most swimmers. Sprinters must have a strong kick. To swim sub 30 for 50m freestyle it […]