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Having A Smooth Freestyle Entry

A smooth transition from your entry into your extension forward is critical in freestyle. Creating minimal drag so you’ve got that smooth transition that will get you in the correct catch position nice and early. One of the mistakes that we quite often see here is swimmers will either enter too early or too late. […]


3 Things You Must Know To Be A Faster Swimmer In 2014

Before we head into 2014 there’s a few things I’ve learnt this year that might help you. 1. Training Hard Will Only Get You So Far Don’t get me wrong, you need to bust your arse in training…but it’s not the only thing that’ll get you to where you want. The smartest athletes know that […]


The Locked Elbow Pull

If we look at the freestyle catch one of the biggest mistakes swimmers often make is that they will enter and extend forward and lock their elbow out for longer than they need to. What that often causes them to do is push down on the water and then pull through. They are only catching […]