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How To Breathe In Freestyle Without Choking On Water

Last week I speaking to an Effortless Swimming client and he mentioned he was having trouble breathing in freestyle. It’s a common problem. The solution comes down to two things. Your stroke (swimming technique) and your breathing technique (ability to control your breathing). The breathing technique is rarely spoken about, so I thought I’d shed […]


Breathing in Freestyle: How To Stop Choking On Water

Swimming can be a difficult sport to learn if you’ve never been taught the very basics. One of the biggest issues most beginners face is breathing in the freestyle stroke. Even for veterans of the sport, breathing can be a nightmare if you don’t know the correct technique and method for easy and effortless breathing […]


Freestyle Breathing Technique: Pinpoint your problem

There are some common questions that pop up by new swimmers about how to breath properly in freestyle swimming. A swimmers ability to swim efficiently relies heavily upon getting the breathing correct. In freestyle swimming, body position needs to be correct before anything else. But for many, once they throw in breathing…it all goes haywire! […]