Where Do Drills Fit In?

In an online forum I’m a part of, a member recently posted this: “I seem to be getting faster in the pool by just swimming (3 to 4 days a week). No drills, no fancy equipment, just more time in the pool.” He’s damn right. You can’t beat consistency. Swimming is one of those sports […]

Why Swimmers Have A Bad Training Session

There’s usually three reasons why your training times are off if you’re not swimming well in training.  And that is either you are sick, fatigued or inflexible.  And I just want to focus on the third one for the moment:  the inflexibility.  Now it’s usually one of the main reasons why swimmers’ times are off […]

7 Ways To Swim Faster This Year

Pick a race to target Without a goal or destination it’s difficult to be inspired at training. I’ve found that picking a race to train up for is 10x more motivating than swimming of the sake of keeping fit. It’s not that staying fit or getting fit isn’t a worthy goal, but the pressure of […]

Kevin Koskella interview and Tri Swim Secrets bonus

In this post, I interview Kevin Koskella from TriSwimCoach.com. Kevin’s a well-known Triathlon swimming coach from California who I’ve recently gotten to know. He’s considered one of the best online (and offline!) swimming coaches around. He reveals some great tips to shaving minutes off your triathlon times.Swimming background Kevin became a swimming coach after he […]

The Shortcut To Swimming Faster I Stole From Any Olympic Medallist

There is one swimming drill which will dramatically improve your technique, power and feel for the water if you practice it prior to a race or competition. This drill easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes each session. In this article, I’m going to explain to you how best to perform it […]

The Swimmers Tool Kit

There are dozens of training aids out there but which training aids are the best for swimmers?