The Distance Trap

Don’t get caught in the distance trap where you’re more focused on how far you do in a training session than what you do in a training session. Unless you are training for the English Channel, an ironman or a long distance event, then you are better off focusing on what you do in a training session […]

Freestyle Catch Position

Australian swimmer Sam Ashby talks about the freestyle catch position and the best angle to pull through in. If you’d like more on improving your freestyle the Mastering Freestyle program is the fastest way to improve your swimming even if you haven’t improved in years.

Advanced Technique Strategies For Swimmers

Why do some swimmers constantly improve and others don’t? What should you do if you’ve hit a ‘plateau’ in your swimming, where you can’t increase your speed or improve your endurance? If you’ve been swimming for a number of years, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Over the years, I’ve found there is one way […]