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Simplify your swimming to move easily through the water
with speed and confidence and take on any distance, race or
conditions. Works for all levels from beginner to triathlon!

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“Brenton does this for a living and is one of the best in the world at improving swimming”

Chris McCormack, 2x Ironman World Champion

The Fact That You Are Here Tells Me That Swimming Has Become A Sticking Point Of Your Health and Fitness

If you are like most of the swimmers I work with, your fitness is a point of pride for you.

There’s a good chance you thrive at other sports or you are active and healthy in just about every way.

But, when it comes to swimming… you just don’t feel “natural” in the water.
Instead, you often feel heavy, slow and short of confidence.

You may have…

Watched as others swimmers who don’t look half as fit as you effortlessly glide past you…

Or faced the demoralizing feeling of being the last out of the pool or at the back of the pack…

Or tried to make up for lost time and learn skills yourself later in life, only to feel intimidated by the whole experience…

When real progress doesn’t come…

You May Have Even Started To Resent Your Time In The Water,
Wondering Whether It's Just Not “Your Thing”.

You certainly aren’t on your own in feeling like this and let me tell you…

If You Want To Increase Your Speed And
Endurance In The Water, There’s No Need To
Completely Rebuild Your Technique...

That’s because the most effective way to become a stronger swimmer is to build on the foundation you already have.

Despite what you may have been told, you don’t need to go back to square one. Or “unlearn” everything you already know.

All it takes is making the right adjustments to your technique.

In other words, it’s about keeping what’s working for you, and correcting what needs improving.

The reality is that the single best way to increase speed and endurance is by improving the way you move in the water.

It’s not about doubling your distances. Or pushing yourself to collapse.

Better yet, the breathing, stroke and body positioning technique changes that will help you swim more efficiently can be learned by anyone…

Whether you swim recreationally, competitively or in triathlons and Ironman.

So, if you have ever been frustrated by plateaus, feel heavy in the water, or find yourself at the back of the swimming pack… 

Here’s my Promise to you:

After Just A Couple Of Hours In The Pool You Can Dramatically
Improve The Results You Get In The Water 

Just To Show You What’s Possible, Take A Look At What Some Of The
6200+ Swimmers I Have Coached Have Achieved…

"I went from 2:05/100m to swimming 1:40/100m..."

"In 4 months using your program I went from 2:05/100m to swimming 1:40/100m easily in the warm up!"
Felipe Telles, Brazil

“I had my fastest swim
time in a 70.3 race…”

“I had my fastest swim time in a 70.3 race. It was 40 minutes and my previous times were around 44. Super happy with my swim and I am looking forward to getting faster and more efficient.”
Laurie Rose, USA

“I cannot tell you how utterly
thrilled I am about my progress…”

“I was very skeptical that coaching could be done online... I cannot tell you how utterly thrilled I am about my progress. I wished I had your expertise when I was a lot younger.”
Dora Hong, USA

These are just a handful of the thousands of clients I have worked with.

And I get the feeling they started in a very similar place that you are today…

Struggling To Improve Your
Speeds And Confused About Which Parts Of Your Stroke To Focus On

When you aren’t swimming with the speed and ease you want, this completely changes your whole experience in the water.

Instead of feeling confident, in control and light in the water, your mind tends to dwell on every movement you are making.

Am I doing the right thing with my elbow?

Is my breathing correct?

Am I turning my body too much?

All this overthinking does nothing but prevent you from swimming faster.

Not to mention, it sucks all the enjoyment you are meant to feel while in the water.

Now, I can tell you that you are definitely not alone if any of this sounds familiar. And it’s certainly not due to a lack of effort.

The Chances Are You Aren’t Swimming Easily And Effortlessly Because Of One Or More Of These Common Roadblocks…

And Where has this left you?

Feeling Frustrated By Your Results In the Water…
Or Worse Yet, Avoiding The Water Altogether!

Let me tell you, I hear this a lot and…

What I Have Discovered Is That Most Conventional
Coaching Methods Don't Work For Adult Swimmers Today

(Especially If You Don’t Have A Swimming Background)

I say this from personal experience as both a national coach and national finalist swimmer…

When you look around, the common ways of coaching today still use the very same methods I was taught growing up 20+ years ago.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

If you are 5, 6 or 7 year old, just starting out, some of these coaching methods can be perfectly fine.

But, for adult swimmers, this “old way of doing things” teaches you to focus on the wrong things… which can actually make you slower.

Or they make you “start from scratch” and forget everything you know.

But if you have any level of swimming experience, this can leave you feeling awkward and even less natural in the water.

The reality is… 

The Single Most Effective Way To Increase Speed And
Efficiency Is By Building On Your Existing Technique
If this is what you want from your time
in the water, then let me ask you…

What Would It Mean To You If You Had Someone To Simplify Things By Showing You The Exact Parts Of Your Stroke To Focus On?

Wherever your swimming is today, you can go from…

…Slow and steady to consistently fast.
…Casual swimmer to competition level.
…Back of the pack in the swimming leg, to first out of the water.

Put Simply, No Matter What Level Swimmer You Want
To Become, I Will Give You The Steps To Get There

…While at the same time helping you switch off your
overthinking and stop second-guessing every stroke.

By The End Of Our Time Working Together You Will…

If I'm Right, And Any Of This Is What You Want To Achieve In The
Water, Then I Want To Invite You Into…

The Effortless Swimming Membership Program

…The Only 100% Online Swimming Program That Uses Five Proven Principles To Increase Your Speed And Endurance In The Water by Using Your Technique To Your Advantage.

The Effortless Swimming Membership Program is the only step-by-step, interactive online program of its kind. On-demand and 100% online, the program is built on over 20 years of elite level swimming and coaching experience and has been proven to work for 6,200+ swimmers. 

My Coaching Is Built On Five Highly Specific Principles For
Achieving More Speed and Confidence In The Water

And I will personally teach you to master each one…

Core Principle #1 – Breathe Deep And Relax

Core Principle #2 – Find Your Balance

Core Principle #3 – Rock, Return And Align

Core Principle #4 – Develop An Effective Catch And Pull

Core Principle #5 – Find Your Rhythm And Timing

These 5 Principles Are Proven To Work For Recreational
Swimmers, Triathletes, Right Through To Olympic Swimmers

“I set a new race PB…”

“I had never been faster than 2:12, this time my pace was 1:57! I set a new race PB. Today I brushed 20 sec from my PB on 400m and 13 sec from my PB on 200m. Wow! Your approach definitely works!!! Thank you!”
Dmitry Kravchenko, Russia

“I went from exiting the water in 45th place…to coming out of the water 4th…”

”Over the course of a year working with Brenton, I went from exiting the water in 45th place for the swim leg of a 70.3 to coming out of the water 4th.” The swim was harder than the previous yea… So the 30sec improvement to my time doesn’t reflect exactly how much progress I made.”
Angele Simard

“I actually feel faster and more efficient…”

“Today I did a CSS test (400m and 200m) and I got PBs for both as well as a slight increase in threshold speed. Very happy with the results and the nice thing is that I actually feel faster and more efficient.”
Gavin Harte

100% Online, On-Demand Learning on Any Device

Become a Faster, More Confident Swimmer On Your Schedule And In Your Local Pool
Structured, bite-sized and on-demand, all Effortless Swimming requires is a
smartphone, tablet or computer – and a desire to become a better swimmer.
Do it all at your pace and on your timetable. Not based on some coach’s availability.

What’s Included With Your Effortless Swimming Membership…

Get access to detailed step-by-step drill progression and fixes to remove common
faults from your stroke, including eliminating a crossover, fixing a dropped elbow
catch, sinking legs and much more.

Learn from pros with in-depth, behind-the-scenes analysis of some of the best
swimmers on the planet, including Josh Amberger (fastest pro Ironman swimmer),
Annabel Luxford (female pro) and Solomon Wright (New Zealand 10km Champion)

Build “swim-specific fitness” to make the most of your time in the pool with access
to hundreds of workouts I have built over a decade. These are the EXACT training
protocols used by some of the world’s best swimmers.

Find the exact plan you need, whether you are just returning to the pool, training for short or long distances, or competing in triathlons and Ironman.

These courses will elevate your swimming to another level. You have private access
to freestyle, triathlon and functional movement courses.

Inside the drill library you will find the exact coaching drill you need to improve
every aspect of your swimming. It’s like having an instant, on-demand coach

Ask questions, get the latest knowledge and learn directly from head coach
Brenton Ford every month. Submit your videos for review, and receive a live stroke
analysis alongside your fellow members.

Plus, when you sign up today, you’ll also get two special bonuses…

What’s Included With Your Effortless Swimming Membership…
BONUS #1 – The “8- Week Faster Freestyle Course”
Access a proven plan for speeding up your freestyle in just 8 weeks. My 8-Week Faster Freestyle gives you highly specific drills and workouts that will improve every critical part of your freestyle technique.
BONUS #2 – The 5-Day Catch Challenge Video Training

In this bonus 5-day video training course you will discover how to develop an incredibly effective catch and pull. This course will build on everything you have learnt, helping you move faster and more efficiently through the water.

*Instant access. 100% Risk Free. Cancel anytime

Now, You May Have Heard That Becoming Fitter Is The Best Way To Get Faster In The Water… But I Can Prove This Isn’t The Case

If you are a runner, getting more KMs into the legs and lungs naturally develops the skills to go faster.

Sure, there’s some technique involved. But time and KMs clocked are the main factors.

It’s similar for cycling too. More time in the saddle and on the road, the fitter, stronger and faster you will become.

Yes, again, technique and equipment are important. But, like running, it’s a fitness game more than anything else.

But it’s different for swimming.

The truth is because of how your body and the water interact, the science and methodology of your technique is what matters most.

Swimming is 80% technique and 20% fitness.

What You Will Come To Notice Is That I Do Things Differently To Just About Every Other Coach You Will Come Across

If you want a coach who…

On the other hand, if you want a coach who…

…This is the exact coaching style I have used to help over
6,000 people become faster and more confident in the water

Just To Give You An Idea Of The Kind Of Results You Can Expect…

“Today I got a new 1km PB…”

Today I got a new 1km PB. I have plateaued for almost one and a half years and never managed to get it under 20:30. I not only broke the 20-min barrier, but also directly went under 19:30 (19:23 on the watch).”
Qi Shi

“I am really enjoying the improvements that I am making…”

“I entered the Kurnell triathlon a couple of weeks ago and came 6/20 in the swim, that is definitely an improvement! I am really enjoying the improvements that I am making. It is making a huge difference to my attitude to simply getting in the water.”
Jo Whithear

“I can’t believe it…”

“My time dropped from 29-mins for 1500m to 25:57. I can’t believe it.”
Edward Reilly

By Simply Following The Videos, Workouts And Lessons
That I Give You, You Will…

Plus, every single other technique secret you need to know to swim faster and more confidently for longer.

PLEASE NOTE: The membership will provide you with the coaching and tools to improve your technique, endurance and competitive performance. But please be aware if you are looking for an ‘overnight fix’ or short-term solution, this program may not be right for you.

What Kind Of Swimmers Will This Program Work For?

Casual & Recreational

You are just getting into swimming or swim regularly for enjoyment and want to feel more confident, comfortable and faster in the water.

Competitive Swimmers

You race competitively in any distance and want to shave time off your PBs and race times to achieve even better results.

Triathletes & Ironman

You want to become more confident and relaxed in the ocean so you can maintain your speed, make the distance and enjoy the swim leg.

If Every Time You Entered The Water You Knew Exactly What To Do To Swim Faster And More Confidently…

…What Would This Be Worth To You?

If improving your swimming has been a goal of yours for some time, I may not be the first swimming coach you have worked with.

Or, perhaps you are just starting to research swimming coaches.

Either way, what you have probably discovered is that swimming coaching will typically cost you upwards of $300 per session.

Not to mention, sadly, a lot of coaches give the industry a bad rap with their high-pressure, ego-driven coaching style.

So, let me assure you of two things…

First, the way I coach won’t place any pressure on you. Or force you to do things that don’t feel natural or comfortable.


Second, my coaching program won’t cost anywhere near $300 per session. Not even close.

But I also know this is an important investment to you.

So, that’s why I want to remove all the risk to you and make you a personal guarantee…

My 365-Day “Swim Faster In Just Weeks”

I’m So Certain That My Program Will Have You Swimming Faster In Just
A Few Weeks From Now That I 100% Guarantee It.
Go ahead, try every workout and watch every video for the next 365 days. Then, if for
some unlikely reason you aren’t swimming faster, smoother and easier simply email
[email protected] and I will give you a full refund. That’s how
committed I am to getting you results in the water.
*Important: The one small thing that I ask is that you show me that you have watched every lesson and implemented what you have learnt in the pool.
So, Just to Recap, Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Risk-Free Today…
Total Value: $620
ES Memberships Starts At 54₵ a day

That’s less than the cost of a premium Netflix subscription!

*Get instant access. 100% risk free. Cancel anytime

Want To Add Personalized Video Analysis Of Your Stroke And
Exclusive Private 1:1 Coaching To Your Membership?

We offer a small number of our members personalized video stroke analysis and
1:1 coaching. Due to the nature of this analysis and coaching, places are limited.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Brenton…

It’s safe to say swimming is in my genes.

It started with my grandfather running a local pool and coaching when he first immigrated from Austria to Australia.

Both my parents were swimming coaches, too, running a learn to swim business in country Victoria.

As you can probably tell, I’ve always been in the water.

Naturally, I became a competitive swimmer, reaching multiple National finals before turning my hand to coaching.

Humbly speaking, I had some success there too… coaching a Masters team to five National club championships.

This coaching experience revealed something shocking to me…  

“After working with 6,200+ athletes I came to realize many of the conventional coaching methods I’d been taught growing up don’t work for a large number of adult swimmers.”

With this eye-opening realization, I launched Effortless Swimming in 2009.

I created Effortless Swimming with a simple goal: to share the methods that had been successful for me with a larger audience from all over the world.

Incredibly, 10+ years later, the methods I will share with you have helped thousands of people in dozens of countries become more at home in the water.

But, know this, what I teach is about far more than just shaving minutes off the clock…

“I love helping our members become better at swimming because it leads to confidence and development in other areas of life.”

Here Are Just A Few More Examples Of The Results You Can Expect…

“I set a new race PB…”

2.2k at 1:27/100m in a lake Yesterday. Almost easy. 1st Time of the year... I usually swim 1:32 to 1:35/100m ! So happy !
Thank you !!!
Jean-Philippe Turcotte

“I shaved a minute off my 500m…”

“I have learned and improved so much in this amazing course… After completing day 5, I shaved a minute off my 500m and achieved my PB with much less effort than before.”
Quang Pham

“At least 20 sec faster than my PB…”

“I have NEVER swam under 2:00 min in spite of some seriously strenuous effort, and usually swim in the 2:10 range. This morning I swam 3 laps under 2:00 — a 1:45 — that’s at least 20 sec faster than my PB !!
David Doran

I will provide you with an exact plan and steps to follow to swim effortlessly,
but there is just one thing I ask from all my members…

…You Must Be Motivated, Ready To Learn And Prepared To Improve
In Ways You Never Thought Possible

If you are driven and ready to show up and do the work, then I’m excited for you to join our 1000s of other members…

*Get instant access. 100% risk free. 

In case you have any doubts, let me make this clear…

Becoming A Faster Swimmer Is A Skill Anyone Can Learn

It’s Not Something You Have To Be Born With Or Comes Down To Plain “Genetic Luck”

Just by understanding this simple fact, you are ready to improve your swimming in every way. And know this…

*Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee for 365 days

Ask yourself…

What Would It Mean To You If Every Time You Entered The Water You
Had Confidence And Swimming Came Easily?

What would it mean to you if…

You knew exactly how to eliminate flaws to improve your stroke, breathing and positioning?

You felt comfortable and in control over any distance in any conditions?

You could actually see meaningful results for the effort you put in in the water?

You felt effortless when swimming, like you finally “got it” as if it had come naturally to you your whole life?

This is what awaits you inside the Effortless Swimming Program.

So, there’s just one thing left to ask, are you ready to finally take your swimming to where you want it to be?

Just one warning though….

Be Prepared To Become Completely Addicted To
Swimming And Love Being In The Water.

*Important: Only sign up if you truly want to get better.
This is not a program for people who aren’t ready to try a new way of doing things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The great thing about this program is that it works for all abilities by using proven technique improvements to make you more efficient and faster in the water. So, whether you are just starting out or took swimming lessons years ago, this program is right for you.

Yes, definitely. A large number of our members are swimmers who compete in triathlons, half-Ironman and full Ironman. Many come to us because swimming is their weakest leg and we help change that by improving their technique so they can swim faster and step out of the water ahead of the pack, rather than at the back of it.

Yes, the program is 100% online. All you need to complete it is an internet connection, computer or smart device. All content is accessible on-demand. So, you can follow along at your own pace and go back and refresh your mind at any time.

Of course. Head coach Brenton Ford hosts regular Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions you have. Plus, the Effortless Swimming team is available to answer any technical support questions you may have.

Unfortunately we hear this more often than we’d like from our members. That’s why the Effortless Swimming coaching method uses a style that is relaxed, supportive and comes with zero pressure. Our goal is to make you comfortable and confident in the water by giving you the advice you need, then allowing you to learn at your own pace.

No. The Effortless Swimming community is about supporting each other, not competing against each other. The only person you are competing against is yourself and your previous personal bests!

This program gives you all the guidance, videos, instructions and plans you need to swim faster and more easily. The results it delivers depend on you putting these into action in the water, which doesn’t require a coach to watch over your every stroke.

When you join today you’ll have two weeks on us (free) and gain instant access to the program. Then you will be charged $199 each year or $32 each month so you have continued access to the program.

Yes, we offer a 365-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t swimming faster, smoother and easier after following the program, you can reach out to our team and request a guarantee.


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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen



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