This class is run by Darren Stojanovic from Dynamic Breathwork who’s been coaching me for the past 6 months on breathwork. The science starts at 2:33. Breathing types at 12:35. Class at 17:00

The focus of the 4-week course will be to:

– Enable you to utilise your breath to its full potential

– Show you techniques that will help you manage fear and anxiety

– Understand how our nervous system can be reprogrammed by breathwork – training

– Train you how to improve your lung capacity

– Learn “Hypoxic Training” – Breath holds

– Be able to utilise Breathwork sequences to aid your recovery

– Use breathwork to help facilitate sleeping patterns

– Help remove self-imposed performance limitations

– Learn how to induce the performance zone called “PEAK STATE”

– Use the techniques for positive mindset training

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