High-Level Biomechanics For Weekend Warriors with Ryan Hodierne

Ryan Hodierne is the Biomechanist for NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport). He has worked with a lot of high-level swimmers including Cate and Bronte Campbell, and we talk about how everyday swimmers can use high-level biomechanics to improve their swimming. 01:06 Thoughts about Sensarii 02:31 Simplifying Data To Make It Useful 05:02 Communicating […]

What’s The First Thing You Should Fix?

  In this episode of Feedback Friday, we look at a swimmer who is having trouble remaining in the front quadrant when she breathes. Instead of looking at the symptom (incorrect timing), we take a look at the cause. We dig deep on what’s causing her lead arm to pull through early, and uncover that […]

Like Carrying A Weighted Backpack!

  Hey, Brenton here from Effortless Swimming. This is Feedback Friday. Got just a short video today. The quality of the video isn’t great, so I’ll just sort of keep it to two points only. In this video here you can see with the swimmer, in terms of his body position, sitting quite low in […]


Hey YouTubers, welcome back to our channel. This is the latest video on breathing. I’ve had a lot of requests from people asking about how to breathe in freestyle so they don’t tire too quickly. Now, there’s a lot of different aspects and nuances to breathing, but in this video, I wanna talk specifically about […]