Why I Don’t Advise Swimming ‘Downhill’

This triathlete said he feels stuck at his current pace, and he’s not sure how to swim faster. In this video we cover: 0:39 ‘Downhill’ swimming = Too deep? 1:50 Posture For Better Body Position 3:24 Change This Entry Trajectory For Less Drag And A Better Catch 4:30 Swim With Your Body, Not Just Your […]

How To Stop Thrashing And Spinning Your Wheels

I received an email from a swimmer who said his 400m time is exactly the same when he goes as fast as he can, and when he swims easier. ‘Spinning your wheels’ is when you try to increase your speed with an increase in effort but you don’t get any faster. Let’s take a look […]

Line And Length

This old phrase used by cricketers to describe the how a ball was travelling can be a great cue for improving your swimming efficiency.