Videos from the Mastering Freestyle Program

The Four Keys To Powerful Swimming

Freestyle Entry Drill

Single Arm Freestyle

How To Kill The Competition with Freestyle Flip Turns

These videos are from the Mastering Freestyle program which is used by hundreds of triathletes and swimmers in over 20 countries. If you’ve been training but not seeing improvement in your times or speed, the Mastering Freestyle program improves your technique so you glide easily through the water and swim faster for longer. If you have any questions about the program or freestyle send me (Brenton) an message here and I’ll help you as best I can.

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  1. Brent thanks for the AWESOME free videos. I just bought your Mastering Freestyle program and already the drills are helping. I’m now swimming much smoother (and faster!) freestyle and it’s only been a couple of days. Thank you!

  2. Hi Brenton, thanks so much for my videos and agreat improvement
    have been added to my freestyle except a small problem with only
    the tumble turn.
    I used to swim one lap (25m) 25min but atleast ever since I reciveed you advice now its only 18min,thank you and I really need
    anyother swimming videos.
    GOD Bless you and the works of your arms.

  3. Closely follows the revolutionary swimming techniques by the Russian contraversial coach you wrote : “swim like a fish” effortlessly. Nevertheless, nice to actually see it in action as apposed to still pics and text. It all comes down to technique and this video(s0) demostrate the mention remarkably. By and by, excellent drills and I like the extra detail on the shoulder rotation aspect ( the internal rotation): it is an area I have suffered bably due to poor technique and thus excessive and unnecessary impingement in the rotarary cuff area in the shoulder. Thankyou. And yes, swimming should be smooth and without much splashing : unless you want to build your muscles like the swimmers of the 60’s who powered or rather pushed through the water as opposed to the catch and pull or the catch and roll over technique of today’s front quadrent swimmers…… Cheers

  4. Hi! I am new to swimming. I am now 65 and took up this activity on the advice of my doctor (for a weak knee). About 2 months into learning swimming (with an average of 3 days per week hitting the pool), I still find that I cannot kick effectively nor can I breathe and swim effortlessly. The moment I start the arm stroke, my legs tend to slow down and if I move them consciously, they tend to sort of ‘shirk’ rather than kick. I lift my head on the right side and can see through the right goggle clearly above the water, but still the breath I get is not enough and I tend to go short of breath after only two or three strokes. Can you please suggest a solution? Thanks.

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