What we are looking at in this video is the exit of the stroke, how the hand is exiting at the back. One in three swimmers or almost half of the swimmers I work with can make an adjustment with the back of their stroke. This is a case of someone who is exiting a little bit short. The elbow is just getting drawn out, the hand hasn’t quite pushed back past the hip and he hasn’t got this full tricep extension happening. What’s that leading to is being slightly too short at the front which means not getting enough length at the front of the stroke and not maximizing the pull through at the back.

So what we see and what we want to try and do is with the correct exit and extension at the back, it works alongside this extra reach down front with the opposite arm. When you exit well, it allows you get a little bit more distance with each stroke. If you find that your stroke is very short, this might be something that you’d want to look at. We also see someone who exits too far back past the hip, they push back so far that they get stuck that the arm struggles come over the top comfortably. Again, it’s individual and there are new answers to it.


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