Does swimming burn fat?: I shed 7kgs with a new swim training program, but there's more to it than simply jumping in the pool.

Weight loss and swimming don’t always go hand in hand. It takes a certain type of swimming to assist in weight loss. I was able to lose 7 kilograms in 6 weeks using strategies that included a heavy swim training program. This wouldn’t work for all athletes though. There is more to burning fat than simply jumping in the pool.

This free report takes a look at how you can use swimming to shed weight and improve muscle tone and definition.

Swimming and Weight Loss Report

swimming and weight loss

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Swimming and Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

swimming weight loss cheat sheet

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  1. This is great Brenton! I like your tip about slimming down by cutting the crap and fund a buddy. I’d love to add 2 things:
    1. eat 5 small balanced meals a day 3-4 hours apart. it’s not only what you eat, but how much you eat daily that is important.
    2. write it down – if you really struggle with food discipline like me, write all your food and amount down in a log book. really makes you think twice about drinking that milkshake or eating the second helping of pasta.

  2. Hi Brenton,
    Wow so glad you have a website! I used to be in the Masters Coach Graham Brewer – I nickname him Tarzan, he’s like a machine though! He taught me to focus on my strength and persistance thoughout the years. Then life changed. Couldn’t move for two years and the weight pilled on – although vegetarian (ethics choice)I now weigh 10kilos over weight. But isn’t it harder for a woman to loose body fat than men (cause their body has no need to store it)? Wondering if your program will work for me too?
    Kind Regards,

  3. Brenton … Very useful, practical, comprehensive report. I’ve gotten fat over the holidays due to bad eating and reduced exercise. My swim times are way slower than when I was lean and fit. I’m going to follow your report recommendations and see what happens. … Thank you, Al K

  4. Brenton,
    I just wanted to point out a few things. First many would kill for your before picture to be their after picture.
    It appears that your point about swimming causing weight loss is misleading. After reading your article, my impression that is swimming does not affect weight loss (you were swimming strong 3 times a week) but that weight training, running and boxing coupled with diet loses the weight and increases your swimming ability
    BTW I think youare an excellent source about swimming and would send anyone who asks me about swimming to your website.

  5. @Bob – Thanks for your comments. That’s the point I was trying to get across. It’s difficult to lose weight with swimming alone. It takes diet and land based training coupled with swimming to get the full benefit. I know a handful of people who have managed to do it with swimming alone but they are training hard for 60-90 minutes a day, doing mostly aerobic/distance work.

  6. @Eve – It may take longer for women to lose the weight, but I’m not entirely sure. That said, I believe if you follow a consistent program and eat well, it will happen.

  7. @ Taylor – Totally agree, if you dont keep track of what you eat it can be surprising how much you do eat in day!

  8. as you age (over 40), you definately need to add other exercise to swimming. i do ironman training,-run,board ski and this is great to enhance your swim training.

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