When you’re swimming in open water and it’s choppy, you might need to adjust your strokes so you’re swimming with more punch and flow. So what does that mean exactly? Swimming with more punch and flow means that you’re entering the water a little bit more forcefully. So you’re entering with a bit more force on the entry part and then you’re riding at your strokes. So you’re swimming with more of a loping type of technique. So it’s kind of like a two stroke cycle.

It’s similar to what you see Michael Phelps swimming like in his freestyle events where he’ll enter a little bit faster with one arm, and then the other arm he’ll ride out and stroke and glide a little bit more. And what that allows you to do is it allows you to be in control of your swimming rather than letting the chop and the waves control where you go. So you can practice this is in your training sessions and in your races and you might find that you feel more in control of your swimming when it’s very choppy out there and when you’re feeling like you’re getting better around by the waves a bit. We talk more about this in Effortless Swimming’s Membership Program,  where we’ve got the open water mastery program featuring Sam Sheppard, who’s an Australian open water swimmer and he shares some of his strategies and some of his techniques with swimming better in open water.

That’s the triathlon swimming tip of the week, I’ll see you next week.

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