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English Channel and Cook Strait Legend Philip Rush

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is open water swimming legend, Philip Rush. Philip Rush has completed ten crossings of the English Channel as well as triple crossing. He has the fastest record of two-way and three-way crossings of the English Channel. He has also done the Cook Strait eight times. […]

How To Sight In Open Water Without Breaking Your Rhythm

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s what happens when you watch professional triathletes sight in swimming. Being able to sight without breaking your stroke rhythm is one the key skills of open water swimming. It takes practice to get the timing right, but you when do you’ll notice how much easier it is to sight and […]

Superhero Swimming with Eney Jones

Eney Jones is a successful Master’s swimmer, open water swimmer and accomplished triathlete. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado and has worked with many of the top triathletes to help them improve their swimming. We talk with Eney about technique, posture, tempo, catch and pull, open water racing tips and awareness in the open water. This episode is […]

The Easy Way To Sight in Open Water

If you swim in open water whether you’re a triathlete, an open water swimmer or you just enjoy swimming out in the sea or in the lake then, you’ll need to be sighting because it’s very easy to go off track and off course if you’re not sighting. There are two main ways to sight. […]

How To Increase Your Stroke Rate In Open Water

In Effortless Swimming’s Membership Program, one of the things that we talk about a lot is getting your stroke rate up in open water swimming. A lot of our athletes are triathletes and open water swimmers and in order to go faster in open water swims you might need to get your stroke rate up. I […]

Open Water Swimming Tip – Punch & Flow

When you’re swimming in open water and it’s choppy, you might need to adjust your strokes so you’re swimming with more punch and flow. So what does that mean exactly? Swimming with more punch and flow means that you’re entering the water a little bit more forcefully. So you’re entering with a bit more force […]