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Body Position: Posture

Swimming should be fluid and relaxed? Not so much when it comes to your posture. In this short clip you’ll see the difference in power that you can achieve from being lazy with your posture to ‘switched on’. Our rule of thumb is to swim tall by lengthening your core, keeping your shoulders back and […]


How to Get Your Hand Entry Right

Last month I did a one-on-one stroke correction session with a swimmer and she was entering too early in her freestyle. So she was entering her hand before she needed to which meant that she was creating a drag as she extended forward. So we needed to move her hand entry out a little bit. […]


How To Develop Freestyle Catch

One of the biggest differences between swimmers in the fast lane and swimmers in the slow lane is the initial catch. Swimmers in the fast lane; in their freestyle they will enter and be going forward, then they will allow their hand to drop down while they keep their elbow high. Getting that initial catch […]


How to Swim Higher in Freestyle

If you have ever been told by a coach to get your hips up what you might have done is bent at the hips and stuck your bum up higher in the water; therefore your bum is higher but your legs are dragging. What that does it creates more resistance and more drag than what […]


How To Develop Hip-Driven Freestyle Technique

Over the holidays, I gave a friend of mine The Mastering Freestyle Program for him to try. Now in 4 sessions he dropped his time from a 1:40 down to 1:36 for his 100 meter pace. And dropped his stroke count from 42 down to a 34. 00:11 – 1:40 down to 1:36/100m pace 00:15 […]


How’s Your Head Position?

https://svpford.wistia.com/medias/gs61y7pahh?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 We are in Trinity Beach up at North Queensland on a training camp; hence the nice background. This week we are looking at a common mistake that slows swimmers down in freestyle. We are looking at which GPS is best to use if you are doing open water swimming and we also look at […]