3 Things You Must Know To Be A Faster Swimmer In 2014

Before we head into 2014 there’s a few things I’ve learnt this year that might help you. 1. Training Hard Will Only Get You So Far Don’t get me wrong, you need to bust your arse in training…but it’s not the only thing that’ll get you to where you want. The smartest athletes know that […]

Is The Accent Too Strong?

I got emailed by someone last week who suggested that my accent was a little too strong and I mispronounce words like ‘lever’ and ‘water’. I know when I say water sometimes it sounds like I am saying it with a ‘D’ but that is just how I talk. What I want to know is […]

7 Ways To Swim Faster This Year

Pick a race to target Without a goal or destination it’s difficult to be inspired at training. I’ve found that picking a race to train up for is 10x more motivating than swimming of the sake of keeping fit. It’s not that staying fit or getting fit isn’t a worthy goal, but the pressure of […]