I got emailed by someone last week who suggested that my accent was a little too strong and I mispronounce words like ‘lever’ and ‘water’. I know when I say water sometimes it sounds like I am saying it with a ‘D’ but that is just how I talk.

What I want to know is the accent too strong and should I talk more proper? Like the Queen’s English? Is the accent okay, can you understand me or would you prefer I dress things up a bit and change my accent so that I am easier to understand?

Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your opinion because I want to make sure that you get the most out of these videos. If you need me to change how I talk a little to make it easier to understand then let me know.

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  1. You’re fine as you are. Don’t change.

    The only thing I find hard (no, not hard, just awkward) about the Australian accent (in general – yours just happens to be the same) is the rise of inflection at the end of most sentences which sounds very questioning so I am never sure when there is a real question versus just a full stop! But if you change that you won’t sound like an Aussie. 😀 😀 😀

  2. I think everyone can figure out what “Leevah” or ” Waddah” mean within the context of a sentence. I mean, we are talking in swim technique terms. Hell, I can understand it and English is not my native language. Now, when yo say “raïse” (for race) however I do blink twice and then go ohhhh, race!

  3. The accent takes a little getting used to but that just means I have to pay closer attention to what you’re saying. It’s probably no worse than my southern accent. You’re fine.

  4. I have no problem with your accent. Love the swim tips! I can feel the effects of them as my swimming is improving. Training for my 2nd IM distance tri. I need all the help I can get with the swim. Keep on doing what you do! :+)

  5. Hi Brenton,

    Do not change a thing! I repeat, Do not change a thing cause you speak crystal clear and you are like you are. It´s your ID, your DNA, it´s something normal and unique the way you talk, period!

    I have learned a lot with your tips and if I had the chance with a swimming professor back in Australia you are the first in the list!

    Thanks A Lot, Mate

    Good On You!!!



  6. Hi mate
    I m a kiwi and you speak fair dinnkum good Englush. Dont talk like a Pom, i wouldnt understand a word you say!

    kiwi boy

  7. Don’t change a thing! It’s your voice, your accent and to change it to please someone would make it unauthentic!

  8. You’re an Aussie. I am a Pom. Those are facts. It’s ridiculous to even consider changing your accent; people should improve their listening skills. Keep producing the great videos. Mark

  9. Actually you accent is just different to us here in America, it actually makes one listen harder to make sure they are understanding. I have no problem understanding you at all.

  10. if you change your accent, i’ll kill ya! no, but seriously, I can understand you perfectly, and I appreciate you taking the time to make these videos for all of us.

  11. Just be yourself Australian self Brenton. 99% of us appreciate you, your instruction and swimming advise. Aussies Rock!!………..:-)

  12. Just be your Australian self Brenton. 99% of us appreciate you, your instruction and swimming advise. Aussies Rock!!………..:-)

  13. I cannot believe someone would complain about your accent! Your pronunciation of ‘lever’ is absolutely correct – ask anyone in the British Empire (oops – Commonwealth). Keep calm, carry on!

  14. Another Canadian here and I don’t think you are hard to understand at all.

    Love the Aussie accent.

  15. well i’ve nothing to say with your accent , neither english is not my native language i can understand well what you say
    i don’t think it’s necessary to change it or anything
    and if some words sounds else , after i can understand it in the context
    don’t mind
    go on to give us advices , it’s so important for us
    thanks for all you do

  16. love your accent…i am swiss, we have 4 national languages here, wth totally different accents! and talk to french, germans, italian, slovakians, etc….not like maybe US people….that don’t get you when you call someone Bob instead of Baab..

  17. I’m Polish and I can understand you clearly , I think that your accent is cute:-). Don’t change anything .

  18. Don’t change it. For people germany it’s fine to
    understand. You should hear our accend 😀

  19. Absolutely not! Don’t change anything. An accent is part of what makes people individual. if they didn’t like your hair colour because it looked too dark on their screen would you change that?

  20. mate. im not a native speaker and i find ur speak clear and coherent. u sounds like an aussie but not to strong. keep the accent! love ur videos

  21. I’m not an English speaker and have no idea about your accent at all..but me have a crush on your nonverbal conversation, doll

  22. no, absolutely no need to buy those Queen’s English elocution DVDs, your vocal technique is excellent
    Plus, more importanty, the content is very helpful
    thanks brenton
    keep up the good work
    pommie english teacher

  23. Nein, sie sprechen sehr klar und serh gut.
    No accent is fine, person who emailed needs to study English I think

  24. Brent, I have moved around the UK (with our many and varied accents) and around the world (USA, SA, Channel Islands) and I have heard many people with accents I struggled to understand however, your accent is so easy to keep up with (along with your tone and elecution) that, along with everyone else above, I really can’t comprehend why someone struggles to understand you. Maybe they should stop listening to your podcasts underwater whilst they are training…
    Keep up the good work bud.

  25. Brenton, your accent is beautiful, you dont need to change a thing. Your instructions are easy to understand even for an inexperienced swimmer like myself.

    Keep up the great work. I always look forward to your emails and videos

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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

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