One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

In today’s podcast, listen on how the principle of taking one step backward and taking two steps forward is applicable whenever you changing a habit or when you make changes in your stroke. We’re also announcing the opening of bookings for Hell Week 2018 which is on December 14, 2017, 9:00 am Melbourne time.

The Best of 2017 Podcasts

  Today’s podcast is entitled “The Best of 2017”. We have compiled all of the best parts from all the podcasts across the year and put them on this episode. This special episode is a mix of everything–from ideas, skills, and techniques to becoming a lean athlete and swim fast to overcoming anxiety and uplifting […]

How To Achieve A High Elbow Position In Freestyle

The most important flexibility test that we have our athletes undergo is streamline test (aka combined elevation test). It’s the best indicator of a swimmer’s ability to achieve a high elbow position during the pull phase. The video above has been taken from the Art Of Triathlon Swimming – watch as Australian swim team physio Helen Walker […]

The Zen Of Swimming with Jon Muller

The Zen of Swimming by Jon Muller

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I interview a friend of mine, Jon Muller. Jon is an author from Wellington, New Zealand and been following some of our swimming workouts and technique programs. In the last couple of weeks, he finished writing a book about swimming which describes swimming in a way that […]

3 Things You Must Know To Be A Faster Swimmer In 2014

Before we head into 2014 there’s a few things I’ve learnt this year that might help you. 1. Training Hard Will Only Get You So Far Don’t get me wrong, you need to bust your arse in training…but it’s not the only thing that’ll get you to where you want. The smartest athletes know that […]

#21 Why I Swapped Weet Bix for Bacon & Eggs (with The Natural Nutritionist Steph Lowe)

Diet for swimmers

We’re back for round two for the second podcast with my favourite nutritionist, Steph Lowe of Today we’re talking about the two big misconceptions about food. I’ve made some changes to what I eat lately based on misinformation I learnt when I was in school. Let’s get into it. Brenton Ford:     Welcome to […]