In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I interview a friend of mine, Jon Muller. Jon is an author from Wellington, New Zealand and been following some of our swimming workouts and technique programs.

In the last couple of weeks, he finished writing a book about swimming which describes swimming in a way that really hits the nail on the head. Jon manages to describe how most swimmers and triathletes feel when they get into ‘flow’.

The Zen of Swimming by Jon Muller01:45 – Swimming is a family thing.
02:28 – I love the sea.
03:30 – Effortless Swimming – Aha moment!
04:03 – Doing something you enjoy.
04:40 – It’s hard to explain what that feeling is like…
05:10 – Being in the zone.
06:50 – Swimming is more focused.
07:35 – Just YOU and your THOUGHTS
10:00 – Swimming is a competition on who can stay more relax.
11:50 – Body = Relax ; Mind = Alert
12:30 – Focus on your own self.
14:20 – Swimming and UFC – Is it the same?
15:40 – Swimming out of the pool
16:40 – Solid friendships are built in hell week.
17:00 – Swimming Nutrition
18:00 – Grandma/ Brent told me that…
19:54 – Crap in, crap out.
20:07 – It’s not rocket science.
21:25 – It’s a mental game.
22:02 – The Zen of Swimming

To download, Jon Muller’s e-book – The Zen of Swimming, you can go to:
Kobo Books or Amazon Books