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The Best of 2017 Podcasts

  Today’s podcast is entitled “The Best of 2017”. We have compiled all of the best parts from all the podcasts across the year and put them on this episode. This special episode is a mix of everything–from ideas, skills, and techniques to becoming a lean athlete and swim fast to overcoming anxiety and uplifting […]


Mastering Freestyle Technique

Limited time only: Get 2 months FREE swim workouts The most popular course is the Mastering Freestyle program. If you are sick of hearing the same old tricks and you’re ready to completely revamp your freestyle so it’s easy to swim and you glide through the water like a hot knife through butter, this is […]


How To NOT Swim Faster – Avoiding Success, Training Without Purpose And Being Stuck In Bad Habits

Swimming is outrageously fun. Powering through the water with effortless speed and rhythm can be a blast. But not every wants that. If that sounds familiar, this article is you for. Here are 7 quick and effective tips for NEVER swimming faster to avoid success, train without a purpose and stay stuck in your bad […]


Did you hear about Phelps?

Michael Phelps has awesome technique. He is the best swimmer in the world because he can travel through the water with speed, but stay relaxed and controlled at the same time (this is key guys’). There is more to Phelps than his technique though. Check it out in the great article by ESPN. Michael Phelps […]


Why freestyle should NEVER be called front crawl!

The best way to save energy in swimming freestyle is to rotate from side to side. We rotate for a few reasons. It is important because it reduces the amount of drag our body creates in the water. Does it waste energy going side to side? It does and it doesn’t. Rotation does use energy […]