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The Best of 2017 Podcasts

  Today’s podcast is entitled “The Best of 2017”. We have compiled all of the best parts from all the podcasts across the year and put them on this episode. This special episode is a mix of everything–from ideas, skills, and techniques to becoming a lean athlete and swim fast to overcoming anxiety and uplifting […]


How to Swim Higher in Freestyle

If you have ever been told by a coach to get your hips up what you might have done is bent at the hips and stuck your bum up higher in the water; therefore your bum is higher but your legs are dragging. What that does it creates more resistance and more drag than what […]


Why Swimmers Have A Bad Training Session

There’s usually three reasons why your training times are off if you’re not swimming well in training.  And that is either you are sick, fatigued or inflexible.  And I just want to focus on the third one for the moment:  the inflexibility.  Now it’s usually one of the main reasons why swimmers’ times are off […]


The Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Have you ever been to an expensive restaurant and made to feel like a celebrity? It’s because of ‘one percenters’. The little things that make a big difference. They pull your chair out for you, they call you ‘Sir’, the meals are presented well…it doesn’t take much extra effort but the impact it has is […]


Three Steps To Better Freestyle

Here’s the first three steps you need to take to swim better freestyle. 1. Constant Kick – You don’t need to have a super kick to be a fast freestyler. In fact, the fastest freestyle girl I coach barely kicks at all. Kick is used for body position and balance more than propulsion in triathlons. […]


The Best Example Of Drafting I Have Ever Seen

I’m often asked by triathletes and open water swimmers if drafting makes a difference. What is drafting? Drafting is using the wave and current created by another swimmer to help pull you through the water. Why should you draft? You conserve up to 15% more energy than when your not drafting Speed is increased by […]