Here’s the first three steps you need to take to swim better freestyle.

1. Constant Kick – You don’t need to have a super kick to be a fast freestyler. In fact, the fastest freestyle girl I coach barely kicks at all. Kick is used for body position and balance more than propulsion in triathlons. Your kicks should be small and continuous. To improve your kick you can:

  • Practice vertical kick – Kick in an upright position in deep water, arms crossed at the chest.
  • Use fins – Wearing fins for kick is a great way to get better if you feel you’re not getting any power from your legs.
  • Stretch your ankles – 3 sets of ankle stretches for 20-30 seconds before you train or race will do wonders for your kick.

2. Shark fin drill – A great drill for practising body position and arm recovery. Kick on your side, one arm out in front with your head facing the down. Bring your opposite arm along your side keeping the arm relaxed and bent. Once you reach the point just before you’d normally enter, draw the hand back alongside the body.

3. Stroke and rotation drill (a.k.a 6 kicks / 1 stroke changeover drill) – Similar to shark fin drill except this time instead of drawing the arm back to the body, you’ll follow through and complete a stroke. After the stroke, perform 6 kicks then take another stroke. Continue until you reach the end of the pool.

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