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It’s All In The Fingertips

When I’m coaching swimmers, it doesn’t matter what their level, whether they are National level swimmers and triathletes or beginners, one of the most important things is maintaining your speed in freestyle. What your fingertips do as you’re extending forward affects your speed. How It Works What we are looking for here is keeping your […]


The One About Swimming Easy (with John Konrads)

John Konrads holds 26 individual world records and won the 1500 m freestyle in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. He now coaches up in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. One of his mantras is “swim easy”. In this podcast episode I will talk to John and see how we can prove how swimming […]


How to Swim Faster – The Little Known Secret Used by Successful Swimmers

Effective propulsive movements in swimming are performed SLOW to FAST. Unlike other sports such as running or rowing, your arms won’t be moving at a constant speed throughout the stroke. Find out why…