When I’m coaching swimmers, it doesn’t matter what their level, whether they are National level swimmers and triathletes or beginners, one of the most important things is maintaining your speed in freestyle.

What your fingertips do as you’re extending forward affects your speed.

How It Works

What we are looking for here is keeping your fingertips below your wrist as you are extending forward because:

  • If you allow your wrist to drop…your fingertips will drift up and slow you down
  • You are essentially ‘applying the brakes’ and creating extra drag when you allow your fingers to rise

Keeping Momentum

If you find that you lose speed as you are extending forward it might be because you are allowing your fingertips to raise up close to the surface when your hands are out in front. Watch the video above for how to maintain the right position during your extension/glide phase.

In your next session, think about extending forward, keeping your fingertips either neutral or slightly below your wrist as you are reaching forward.

You will get a better catch, you will create less drag and you will be swimming faster freestyle as a result.

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Remember in your next session — Think about what your fingertips are doing and gain extra speed by keeping them in the correct position.