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One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

In today’s podcast, listen on how the principle of taking one step backward and taking two steps forward is applicable whenever you changing a habit or when you make changes in your stroke. We’re also announcing the opening of bookings for Hell Week 2018 which is on December 14, 2017, 9:00 am Melbourne time.


Stroke Count and Distance Per Stroke

As we lead in the competitions, one of the things we focus on is stroke count and distance per stroke. How We Use It Training We’ll typically swim an easy and relaxed 50m, counting how many strokes we take for the lap. Then we’ll go a set of 10-20 100’s with 20 seconds rest in between. What […]


The Shotgun Approach to Training

If you look at what the top swimmers do in their training, they focus their training for one event in particular.  They won’t use the shotgun approach where they target the 1500 freestyle, the 100 butterfly and the 400 medley all at once. They target their training towards one event. If you’re racing a number […]


How to Continually Improve Your Swimming

Welcome to swimming news this week; this week we talk about the importance of consistency, why you should get flexibility tested and I have a back stroke and a breast stroke tip for you. 00:21 – Is Your Training Consistent? 01:22 – Flexibility Testing 02:25 – ‘World’s Best Swimmer’ Now Free 02:58 – Supercharging Your […]


How To Pull With A High Elbow

Welcome to swimming news this week. This week we look at how to pull through with a high elbow, where to enter your hand in freestyle and also we’ll talk about my favorite mindset training that I find most effective for better performance in racing. 0:45 – How To Pull With A High Elbow 0:57 […]


How to Stop Choking on Water

In news this week: How to Stop Choking on Water – If you find that you’re choking on water in freestyle, it’s usually because you’re breathing too far forward. Because it restricts the amount of rotation you can get when you’re taking that breath. The best way to fix it is to breathe more towards […]