If you look at what the top swimmers do in their training, they focus their training for one event in particular.  They won’t use the shotgun approach where they target the 1500 freestyle, the 100 butterfly and the 400 medley all at once. They target their training towards one event.

If you’re racing a number of distances, or a number of different races over your racing season, you’re better off targeting your main event and training towards that than trying to cater  for different events and distances. You probably won’t get as good a result in your main event. You might get a slightly better result across the board, but if you’re looking for really good results in your main event you’re better off focusing your training towards that one event.

Shotgun Approach to Swimming Training

If you’re training towards one event, whether it’s a triathlon , an open water swim or a pool swim, then I’d love for you to join me in Effortless Swimming Membership Program which is our online coaching program where we’ve got workouts, we’ve got technique programs, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to help you target that main event for the season.

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