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#14 The One About Epic Races (with Trent Grimsey)

Trent Grimsey is an open water swimmer, he is an Australian team member and most notably he has recently broken the English Channel world record. He went 6 hours 55 minutes, breaking the old record by 2 minutes and 50 seconds. We chat to Trent about the Channel swim but also his training, technique and how he avoids injury doing so many km’s in the pool.


The Two Biggest Kicking Mistakes

We look at how to improve your kick, we’ve got a sprinting tip if you’re a 50 or 100m swimmer, and we’ll look at getting back to basics and what that can do for you. Now with kick, there’s two main mistakes that I see made. 00:16 – The Two Biggest Kicking Mistakes 00:47 – […]


The Best Example Of Drafting I Have Ever Seen

I’m often asked by triathletes and open water swimmers if drafting makes a difference. What is drafting? Drafting is using the wave and current created by another swimmer to help pull you through the water. Why should you draft? You conserve up to 15% more energy than when your not drafting Speed is increased by […]