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Why All Athletes Should Master These Three Skills In Their Swim Training

In all high level swim squads there is a big focus on perfecting these three skills: Push offs/streamline Turns Finishes/No breathing from the 5m flags Even for open water swimmers and triathletes I believe there should be at least some time spent teaching athletes how to do each of these three skills properly. Even though […]


Three Ways To Do The Same Set

Next week I’m taking my squad through a “hell week”. Which is one week of very, very challenging training where we increase the intensity and we increase the duration of our main sets. We also add an extra session in there. The reason that we do this is because with one week of solid training […]


Forget About Stroke Count

Forget about stroke count. Now why would I say that when I talk a lot about stroke count and so do most other coaches? Well, the fact of the matter is that very few swimmers, only about 1 in 20 actually do stroke count. Now stroke count is when you are counting your strokes for […]


The Distance Trap

Don’t get caught in the distance trap where you’re more focused on how far you do in a training session than what you do in a training session. Unless you are training for the English Channel, an ironman or a long distance event, then you are better off focusing on what you do in a training session […]


How To Stay Focused In Training

Staying focused in training is what separates the toughest swimmers from the slackers. Sam Ashby gives some tips as to how he maintains motivation, concentration and effort in training. We talk more about elite level swimming in World’s Best Swimmer.


Swimming Workouts Explained

“I love training!” – This is a phrase you can either relate with, or completely disagree with. But if you think it’s something you don’t have a choice in…lay back on the couch and finish off that bag of chips. You’re already ruled out. Loving or hating swimming training comes down to the type of […]