In all high level swim squads there is a big focus on perfecting these three skills:

  1. Push offs/streamline
  2. Turns
  3. Finishes/No breathing from the 5m flags

Even for open water swimmers and triathletes I believe there should be at least some time spent teaching athletes how to do each of these three skills properly. Even though you may not use them in a race, the better you become at moving through the water and having awareness of your body’s movement and position will help you in your feel for the water.

Doing these things right takes no extra time and it’s good discipline to get in to the habit of perfect practice in everything you do. Plus it’s ‘free’ speed when your push offs, turns and finishes improve. There’s a lot of time to be saved for most triathletes and Master’s swimmers by doing better turns!

This video explains how to do each skill correctly.

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